Friday 25 January 2019

TreasureTress: First Box Of 2019!

*Disclaimer: This box was gifted to me by the brand and this post is not an ad*
I'm back with another review on a box by TreasureTress, which is perfect to start 2019 as I wanted to do more hair product reviews.This box arrived as a surprise from TreasureTress and I'm excited to announce that this month is with Lotta Body!I've heard nothing but positive things about things about Lotta Body and this is the first time I'm going to be trying this brand!

For this months box you will receive 4 products from their Milk & Honey range, a deep conditioning masque from their Coconut & Shea Oils range and a plastic cap to give your hair that extra moisture.My hair in 2018 unfortunately went through a lot, from trying a wide range of products which made my hair extremely dry from the lack of protein and the HUGE mistake of straightening my hair at least 7-8times.I made the decision of cutting off my heat damaged hair and got straight into using these as honey is a great ingredient to help restore and get protein properties into the hair.I tested these products over a course of 4weeks, to give it enough time for me to test them properly, to write up a thorough review on them and to let you know if any changes happened to my hair whilst trialling them out.

Nourish Me Leave In Conditioner

Product Breakdown & Benefits Include:
Locks in Moisture
Detangles and Controls Frizz
Adds Shine
Intense Hydration
Colour Safe (my hair isn't dyed)

This was the first product I decided to try from the range, as 48hours beforehand I had already shampooed and conditioned my hair, not wanting to aggravate my hair by washing it again.This product can be used on wet or dry hair, and I decided to try it on wet hair as this is personally my favourite method.Putting my hair into 4 sections, I sprayed water on my hair to the point where it wasn't "damp" but saturated enough to use the leave in.Taking two pea sized amounts for each section, I began applying from the root to tip, making sure that I covered the ends more as my hair tends to always feel a little dry here (especially on day 2 hair!).You can then follow up with your usual "style" method, but because I applied this fairly late in the evening, I decided to leave it.So fast forward 15hours later with sleep and...
I didn't style my hair with any curl defining product at all, yet I woke up with 97% of curl defined curls...what?.My hair usually in the morning is an absolute frizzy mess, to the point where it looks like I have a black sheep with hedgehog spikes attached to my head.When sleeping on my own, I tend to not settle and be able to sleep still, which contributes to the abomination of hair the next morning.The one side of my hair as you can see in the picture isn't as defined, but that side has always been a pain to keep happy and like I mentioned, I didn't use any styling products.

This left my hair feeling extremely soft and the smell of this (the entire Milk & Honey range) is so nice.It did add a little shine to my hair on its own, but if you work it alongside a styling creme or gel, you will see a great improvement when it comes to shine.It works great when restoring moisture to the hair, especially on Day 3 for me.

Restore Me Cream Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoo Product Breakdown & Benefits Include:
Removes Product Build Up
Restores Moisture 
Makes Hair Soft & Manageable
Colour Safe

Conditioner Product Breakdown & Benefits Include:
Deeply Moisturises 
Makes Hair Soft & Manageable 
Colour Safe

I gave my hair and scalp a week to get a lot of product buildup, because I wanted to test to see how well the shampoo worked on removing it.The shampoo itself actually felt like I was putting honey onto my hair, because it was extremely thick and sticky, but it wasn't an issue to apply.It felt extremely soothing on the scalp, especially when I worked my fingers to lather the shampoo up to remove the grime and product build up.It done an extremely good job at removing this, considering I had used a ton of products that contained silicones, parabens and sulfates on my hair.My hair didn't feel stripped or heavy, considering the shampoo itself felt like I was applying a thick layer of honey onto it, it left my hair feeling really soft.The moisture was restored a little, but I wasn't expecting a massive difference as my hair loves conditioners!
I know I'm not the only one that does this, but I always get at least 50p sized (or bigger) amount of conditioner when it comes to my hair, because I want every single strand to be nourished.This conditioner can be used to be left onto the hair for 3minutes (which I did) or it can be used as a deep conditioner.Its also quite thick like the shampoo, but more of a cream based texture instead.After applying onto my hair, I took my Denman Brush to detangle and oh my god, it was so damn easy!I've also done finger detangling which works a treat as well, but their is just something more satisfying when you can glide a brush all the way through thick curly hair with no issues.

This left my hair even more moisturised and soft than what the shampoo did!It was extremely hard to not touch my hair because it felt so nice to touch as it was so soft.I've tried this routine with a combination of products after conditioning and its actually the Leave In Conditioner from this range that it works alongside it really well.If you look at the first image of my hair from earlier when I woke up the next morning after using it, it doesn't look as nourished and moisturised as the image above.I left both to air dry, yet you can see quite a difference between them both.

Tame Me 24Hr Edge Control

Product Breakdown & Benefits Include:
Adds Incredible Shine
Sticky or Greasy
Lays Edges to Perfection for up to 24hours

Being someone who's got a bit of a fivehead (thanks hair relaxer) and set on growing my edges out, I'm quite sceptical when it comes to edge control based products.I've had previous experiences where my they've been left in such bad condition, that they either eventually snap off or it takes a lot longer for them to grow.
I want to say first on how GOOD this product smells!I love the scent of everything in this range, but this is my favourite and sometimes I just unscrew the top so I can smell it (yes I'm weird).Like most edge control products, its thick like a jelly texture and you only need a very tiny amount for it to keep your edges in place.I've found it easier to style my edges with a mini toothbrush instead of just my fingers, as its easier to control and its like styling them with a little brush.I've only used it a few times as I usually have my hair down, but when I've styled it up in a bun my edges have stayed in place for about 10-11hours (thats with crazy UK weather!)It doesn't flake and it only gets greasy if you use to much, so its all about trial and error.Its been very gentle on my hair after each use and has easily become my most used edge control when I have my hair up

Hydrate Me Deep Conditioning Masque 

Product Breakdown & Benefits Include:
Provides Extreme Moisture
Conditions & Softens
Detangles & Adds Brilliant Shine
No Petrolatum 
Leaves Hair Soft & Manageable 

This was the last product that I tried on my hair and because I have so much, I used the entire sachet.I used this on my hair after shampooing as recommended, making sure that I drenched every curl in this masque.It can be used with or without a hooded dryer (which I don't have), so instead I used the cap that came with the box and wrapped a towel around it to keep the heat in.I left it on my hair for about 20minutes before washing it out which was extremely easy to do.
My hair was left extremely moisturised which was a bit of a shock to me personally, as my hair doesn't always get along with products that have coconut and shea based products in them.The majority of my curls were also separated, which made it so much easier for me to detangle the rest of my curls and to apply a leave in conditioner.I can't comment on it leaving my hair looking more shiny, but it did achieve everything else and made my hair feel beautiful.

I also have a 10% off code if you want to save some money on your first box which is "SHANISEMORGAN10"

I hope you enjoy the products as much as I did and I would love to hear your thoughts on them either commenting on here or over on my Instagram

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