Tuesday, 29 August 2017

My First Influenster Box: Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipsticks

This is my very first Influenster box, so I thought it would be great to also share my experience for those that are maybe thinking of signing up.I received an email last week confirming that I would be receiving a Bourjois box which of course I was so happy about, but once I found out it would be on there new Rouge Velvet Matte Lipsticks, I was even more excited.I think its fairly obvious by now that I'm obsessed with anything that has a matte finish like foundations, lipsticks, setting powders, car matte finish, you name it, I love anything matte.

The lipsticks arrived in a cute pink Boujois Box, which I will be keeping as its so adorable.Inside was the new 12shades of lipsticks, a card showing some more information about them with the shades and a Universal Lip Liner + Primer.Bourjois were my favourite brand when it came to there lipsticks and there foundations during my teens, because they were affordable and would last the whole day.
I have always loved the packaging of there lipsticks, I just love how chunky they are and that you get quite a bit of product for the price.Each tube represents that colour as well, which saves you from always having to turn it upside down to see what shade that you're using on your lips.These lipsticks also have a precision bullet, to make it a lot easier when applying them to your lips and to get to them corners of your mouth without looking like the joker at the end of it.I'm the worst when it comes to applying lipstick, even when using a lip liner beforehand, however I can say that the bullet made it so much easier when applying.

So are we ready to see what the shades look like?
The shades also have names corrosppnding to the numbers which I've provided below for you as well:

1. Hey Nude!                                            
2. Flaming' Rose                                          
3. Hyppink Chic                                         
4. Hip Hip Pink  
5. Brique-à-brac 
6. Abrico'dabra  
7. Joli carmin'ois
8. Rubi's cute
9. Fuchsia botté
10. Magni-fig
11. Berry formidable
12. Brunette

The formula of these are very creamy and I didn't think they would dry matte, but I was proven wrong.These are highly pigmented, apart from one shade which I talk about in the next paragraph below.They are highly fragranced like perfume, but its not off putting as the scent fades after applying to the lips.To remove them off the lips was very simple, as I applied each one after the other and none of them left my lips feeling dry or stained.The two shades Hyppink Chic and Joli camin'ois, I honestly thought I would despise as I normally avoid those colours, but once I applied them, I fell completely in love.

I've only found two negatives with these lipsticks, is that the Hey Nude! shade for me was extremely patchy.I had to keep going over the lip and it kept transferring everywhere.The second negative, is that these are advertised as "Flawless Bold Matte Colour for up to 24hours".I'm not sure if this means on how long these last altogether or how long the colour holds on the lips, but these do come off very easily.They didn't bleed at all, even without the primer, but if you slightly touch it, the lipstick will budge.Its not food or drink proof, which these aren't advertised against, but because of the warm weather recently, I had to have a drink.I didn't lose that much colour compared to other branded lipsticks, but you still have to go in and reapply if you want that full bold matte colour to stay.

I think its amazing that Bourjois have 12shades to choose from and two of them brought me completely out of my comfort zone, yet I loved them.They can be purchased from Superdrug, Boots and Feelunique

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