For any hair and beauty related questions or anything else you'd wish to discuss thats related to my blog, please email me at:  For those that still read my mental health posts, you still have the option to remain anonymous when leaving a comment.Myself and other readers will not see your name, profile or account if you select anonymous from the dropdown box when commenting


If you're interested in collaborating or have any questions that aren't answered for you below, you can contact me via the email provided above.I'm always open to bringing new content to my blog and love working with new people, especially when you're just starting out as a business and I love to support you along the way too.I will consider products mainly when I have a genuine interest or fits into my blog content, but as I mentioned above, anything new is welcomed.

How much do you charge for a blog post, social media posts etc?
I've set up a system for myself so that its more secure.If the product isn't received by the start date that is set up between ourselves and I'm not notified 24hours that its either delayed (proof of postage or tracking is needed) by the service or that its not been sent out by yourselves, there will be a £5 charge.I'm also someone who very very rarely misses a deadline when it comes to my blog work, but of course sometimes things happen that we cannot prevent.If I do not meet the deadline as agreed without notifying you 24hours before the post going live, then I'll extend the promotional time absolutely free.

This has been put in place mainly due to being let down last year by a few brands, not only losing out on providing content to my audience, but it also affecting other brands who have been booked in to work with me too and affecting my work in the process as well.

I know also do take on sponsored/ad posts, which includes me promoting that product across all of my social media channels (not Youtube unless requested).Pricing can be discussed in the email.

Example of prices depending on the product type and content:
Blog Post £45
Blog Post & Promotional post across all social media channels (excluding Youtube) £55
Youtube Video Review/Tutorial start from £65
Banner On Blog For 1 Month: £13, 2months £22 and 3months is £32

You will not be charged until the agreed work is completed.An invoice will be sent and PayPal is used as payment.Again everything can be discussed via email to discuss your needs

(PLEASE NOTE: If I find out that your brand/company are fraudulent after the work has been carried out or if the original brand contacts me to remove the post, you will NOT be refunded)

How long does it take you to upload a blog post, social media post etc?
This can depend entirely on the product/products and also the time slot that we have agreed on.Normally for hair products, it can take up to 4weeks which gives me enough time to test it on my hair and review it.In the first two weeks of testing it I will do a first impressions post on how well things are going, followed by a full based review at the end of the month.

Beauty products (makeup, skincare) are reviewed up to 14days, giving me (and my skin) enough time to see changes with the product and the effectiveness as well.

For fashion items (including accessories like watches etc) are posted within 7-10days of receiving the item.

Please note that the estimated posting times are given as a guidance and can sometimes take longer, due to having other clients having content posted.This makes it fair for everyone to have your brand/products promoted effectively within a time slot.This will also be discussed within the email and if you have anything else that you may want me to add etc, I'm always open to compromising.

All products are stated when they have been purchased by myself or gifted from you to review, as I like being 100% honest with my readers and of course I love adding a little extra thanks to you as well when uploading my post.

Do you accept working with companies from outside the UK?
Of course!I'm somebody that loves working and meeting with new people, so I'm very open when it comes to working with those outside the UK.

Please note that my posts are not intended to come across as gloating or showing off, but maybe perceived as that when I talk so positivity about products.The majority of the products mentioned on my blog have been purchased by myself which no doubt have taken me some time to save up for.I try to purchase as many products that viewers have asked me to review, so I'm able to give you my thoughts and experience on them

I love being able to share my opinion on products that I've tested, so it can help you, especially when it comes to natural hair as I had no one to help me.Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog :)


  1. Im spanish woman. Your blog is wowwww. I love it. Please write more more.

    1. Hi Lucy!Thank you so much!I'm planning on writing a lot more this year so keep an eye out :)