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I was very lucky to be given the chance to test these over the past few weeks, and if you remember back in January, I done a little first expressions on them, having mixed reviews at the time.My view on these two products are now completely different and I'm really glad that I gave it an extra two weeks to test on my hair, and to tell you how well I got on with them.So are these two products any good and worth your money?*This is a very detailed review and I recommend you view this on a PC or switch to desktop view*

I decided to try the Leave In Oil Moisturiser at first, because I'm at absolute sucker when it comes to products that promote moisture.There are so many benefits to this which attracted me straight away and I knew this would be good for my hair:
  • Protein Balanced
  • For Dry Hair
  • Hydrates Hair
  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Free of Sulphates, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Dea
"This luxury daily moisturiser, made with all natural oils, works on all hair types, curly, straight heat pressed, relaxed, natural or braided.Used daily, it strengthens and helps promote hair growth, hydrates and reconditions dry hair while repairing damaged bonds.Can be used on damp hair as a blow dry lotion"

Its great to see that not only this product doesn't have any harsh chemicals and is infused with natural oils, but also that it can be used on more than one hair type.I straighten my hair every couple of months for either a length check/trim or for an event, so getting to try this next month for this is going to be interesting.Upon removing the seal cap from the bottle, the smell is absolutely amazing, with a shea butter and fruity scent, it honestly makes you want to eat it.Making my hair completely damp, I squeezed out a small amount (10p size), and applied it all over, making sure I got the roots and ends, while doing my favourite scrunch method in the process.The product is very liquidy, so it was very easy to massage into the hair.My hair takes quite a while for it to air dry, so I passed the time by playing some Fallout 4.After 45mins, which is much longer that what my hair takes to air dry, I decided to touch my hair before looking in the mirror and it felt so soft and moisturised!My hair has never felt this soft, especially from a leave in moisturiser and the smell was still strong.Looking in the mirror my curls were full of life and were so moisturised, I was really happy with the results.They weren't as defined as I've achieved with other products, but actually having my curls moisturised with minimal frizz is such an achievement!
The second product that I got to test, was the Curl Awakening Custard Styling Pudding.When I first tried this a few weeks ago, my hair didn't like it one bit, but I was determined to find a hair routine that this stuff would work with.After experimenting with different hair methods and routines, I finally found a way for the cream to work for my hair, and since then its really been showing great results.I'll be explaining the routine that I used for this to work for me and hopefully it works great for you as well.The number of positives in this product  include:

  • Defining Curls
  • Sealing In Moisture
  • Can be used to style hair
  • Infused with Olive Oil, Keratin and Pathenol
  • Free Of Parabens 

"Revive your natural curls, minimises shrinkage and let it loose.Our amazing Curl Awakening Custard gives curly hair, an amazing well-defined curl shape that lasts for hours"

This custard is very thick, and the first time of using it, I took a 10p sized amount and applied it to damp hair.My curls got all sticky so I had to rewash my hair, and this time took a 5p sized amount, hoping that this method would work.It went better this time, and left my hair fairly soft, however the next morning, my hair seemed to have matted overnight and I spent the majority of the morning detangling my hair.Trying the loc method, using coconut oil on damp hair, it left my hair even more soft and moisturised, but I still kept waking up with matted hair the next morning and it got frustrating.The unusual thing was, that my hair was still very soft but it got extremely tangled when I would wake up, like my hair came to life during my sleep O_O. I then wondered how it would work on dry hair, then seeing what results I would achieve on  the second and third day.After applying the leave in moisturiser in the morning, I went about my day as normal, went to bed, woke up with moisturised hair still, and applied a small amount of the custard to my dry hair.This method works for me so much better, and left my hair in a more shiny yet healthy condition too.Next day, I didn't need to apply any extra product and my hair was not tangled either.It also works great for styling the hair, especially a high sleek bun.
I'm pretty happy with the results of these products, mainly now favouring the styling pudding which in the first few weeks, I wasn't so keen on it.These both work great for hydrating the hair, not drying the hair out from the protein, sealing in moisture and styling the hair, however it doesn't seem to work that great for defining curls.This isn't an issue for me, as I'm happy with just my hair being moisturised more than two days, but if your looking for a product to give your a lot of curl definition I wouldn't recommend these for that.Other than that it has done exactly what it stated, and if your hair is looking for some serious moisture, I'd recommend them both to achieve that goal :) They can be purchased here from Pak Cosmetics and Tesco

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