Sunday 4 December 2016

Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks: Nov/Dec 2016

I placed my first order with Colourpop back in September this year and because I was so happy with everything, I decided to make another order in November.My first parcel had some issues after USPS passed it to Royal Mail, which ended up being marked "delivered" when in fact it was sitting at my local post office with a customs charge.Colourpops customer service were very lovely however, and sent out a new batch because of the mix up by Royal Mail.My replacement order arrived in 8days and I was very happy with the customer service that I received.

This time I decided to order 2 Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks, because I wanted to avoid the customs charge, even though Colourpop offered free international shipping for Black Friday, costing £9.94 ($12).I now have 6 in total, that all have different formulas, with some that I favour more than others.Both orders come in a bulky 3D popup box, that includes an application booklet and a little thank you card with cute illustrations as shown below in the photos.
These are the swatches of the liquid lipsticks, with my awful shapes hearts which I failed miserably at.
Shades from top to bottom: 3-Way, London Fog,Baracuda,More Better,Avenue,and Tulle.

Starting from the top left, middle and top right, I'm wearing London Fog, More Better and Baracuda.I did try to get a finish type of each one, but the metallic (3-Way) is one of the worst formulas.Unlike the other formulas, its not liquidy and its very hard to work with.Its really hard to get the formula out of the tube, like its hardened inside so you only get a little bit of product onto the wand.If you look at the swatches from earlier, you can see its the worst heart swatch out of all of them, because it was hard to even get the product out of the tube, let alone draw with it.

All of the other formulas are more liquidy, being filled right up to the top.The matte ones are not drying apart from Avenue, which I was really disappointed about.I am a huge fan of matte lipsticks, especially if they're red or a deep burgundy, and I was so excited when Avenue came back into stock.Not only did it dry the hell out of my lips, it began to crumble after 1hour which was not good at all.I found it really strange because everyone has been raving about it and in all fairness, the colour is absolutely stunning, but the formula for me was a no no, so maybe I just happened to get a dud?
My favourite shade out of all of them, which I thought would be my least favourite finish as well, is Baracuda.I saw the shade originally on a model during there autumn campaign, and although she was slightly darker than me, it suited her skin tone really well.The shade, described as a warm deepened rose, has one of the nicest finishes too, leaving my lips feeling so moisturised.The staying power (excluding Avenue) is incredible, especially since they only cost £4.71 ($6) each, compared to more expensive brands that don't even last as long as these.

I'm really happy with my purchases at Colourpop and there is no doubt that I'll be repurchasing from them again.Whilst writing this blog post too, to find the links to the shades, Colourpop have featured me on there website which was a complete shock.I'm wearing the shade Baracuda again, which I think is going to be my autumn/winter shade.

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