Monday 17 April 2017

Only Curls, Curly Hair Towel

Wash days were always a struggle and I'm sure I wasn't the only curly that had this problem.My hair would always frizz, especially when it would just touch a piece of clothing, it was absolutely ridiculous.There was no way I was going to walk around the house with my hair dripping everywhere and all over my shoulders, not worth getting a chill over that at all.Last month, I featured this in my post on brands to keep a look out for and as promised, here is my review on Only Curls.
This towel came in lovely pink packaging with the logo on the front.Its inside that really showed on how beautifully presented this towel is and its so soft to touch.The towel is 100% microfibre which leaves the hair cuticles intact and helps absorb the amount of moisture in the hair, so goodbye frizz!Before this I was using an old shirt instead, because it was a lot softer on the hair, but a lot of frizz would still happen, even if I applied product to reduce it.I never like the idea of wrapping my hair up either and would rather wear my hair down, so I would part my hair down the middle and have each side at the front.This will leave my hair to dry naturally in the style that I'd like it to be (whether I apply a curl cream or not), and will also leave my curls really soft.Its also great for stopping any excess dripping from getting all over your clothes.
This is an example of how I have the towel wrapped around my hair, making sure that everything is covered but also giving it some breathing space too.I applied some Curlsmith Defining Styling Soufflé to add some definition and shine, for when my hair had finished air drying.My hair dried a lot quicker too, which is another benefit of this towel as well if you're someone that is always on the move.
This towel would be awesome for any hair type in my opinion, but would work great for those that have thick curly hair such as myself.Our hair tends to get more frizzy and dry out more, whether thats with air drying or using a diffuser.I've been using this for a few months now and I've seen a massive improvement when it comes to wash days.My hair holds so much more moisture, meaning I don't have to apply a lot of product like before to retain as much as I can.Its no longer feeling dry, with my curls feeling really nice and soft afterwards.
These are the current products that I use on a wash and deep treatment day to keep my curls happy.My product/curl routine is constantly changing, because I've learnt since being natural that my curls stay hydrated by switching between products.I always make sure to include either a leave in conditioner or an oil based product to keep my curls moisturised, and a cream or gel to define my curls.It takes a little trial and error, but once you've found what works great for your hair type, it makes it a little bit easier to maintain your curls.

The towel is available in 3 colours: white, grey and black and can be purchased here

If you have any questions, please let me know and I'll glad answer them for you :) 

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