NARS Luminous Weightless Foundation

I'm not one to rave about foundation or makeup for that matter, however I decided to do a review on this foundation because I've never come across anything like it.I've been a committed user of Maybelline's Dream Satin & 24Hour Stay Foundation since the age of 17, as it covered any spots that would pop up and the shade "Fawn" was the closest to my skintone.I decided to try something different so a month ago I went on a search online for foundations that not only offered good coverage, but also matched my skintone.NARS had raving reviews, and the price tag did put me off at first, but after some research I was sold.The first shade that I purchased was Cadiz (on the right) from Look Fantastic as it was the shade model/blogger Nada Adelle was using at the time, and my skintone is pretty much the same as hers.Luckily it got damaged on the way here, leaking some of the product in the delivery box which I tried and it was way too dark for me, and had to end up reselling it as faulty, as there was no way I was going to be £32 short for nothing. Browsing the shade finder again and images,I decided to purchase the shade Barcelona (left). Barcelona is for medium with golden, peachy undertones.(All products mentioned will be posted at the end)
So a little background story on my skin type/routine and how this foundation works with it.My skin type is normal, and I use Garnier Soothing Toner to remove any dirt buildup and to cleanse my skin without the risk of irritation as it doesn't contain perfume, alcohol or colourants. I then use Garnier Protect & Glow to moisturise my skin and acts as a base.This foundation states that one pump is all you need and to apply using your fingers.Now alongside other bloggers who have commented on this, I agree that you will need more than 1 pump to cover your whole face, with 3 being my maximum.I have used my fingers in applying this to my face and although it does work, I found that I got a better and flawless finish using my Real Techniques Expert Brush to blend it in.
This is one of the finished looks my skin is left like after applying my lipstick.This photo was taken at 10:00am in the last week of summer, and this is how radiant my skin looked.It takes a total of 4minutes to apply this foundation overall, which I think is fantastic as it is so simple to achieve such a natural look but also leaving your skin flawless.

Next up is the winter look which I decided to keep the same lipstick but adding an extra step into my routine after experimenting.This links to a disadvantage I found with this foundation is that sometimes you can be left with streaks on your face, so your having to press in with your fingers and it doesn't always work as the foundation has already set in. 2weeks ago I purchased a blending sponge from Beauty Bay, to use after blending with my expert brush.

The blending sponge "sets in" the foundation not leaving any streaky lines behind on the face, and leaves your face looking even more flawless (excuse the resting bitch face below).This photo was taken at the same time a few weeks after except in this one, the weather was downcast.Neither of these images have been edited (apart from cropped) and no filters have been applied either.
My favourite look has to be the second one, purely because the sponge really does set in the foundation leaving it looking luminous,flawless and quite natural.Its weightless as said in the title, as can't feel it on your face at all and doesn't transfer onto your hands if touched.It lasted for a total of 10hours instead of the 16 as stated, however this is not an issue for me personally, and it was only lacking the luminous look but my makeup still stayed in place.I would recommend this foundation for those who want a natural yet full coverage look, and also the massive shade range that they provide to find your perfect match!

Products Mentioned:
NARS Luminous Weighless Foundation: £32   Look Fantastic 
Garnier Soothing Vitamin Enriched Toner: £1.99- £2.99 Superdrug
Garnier Protect & Glow Moisturiser: £1.95- £3.99 Superdrug
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush: £8.99 Superdrug
Beauty Bay Blending Sponge: £2.50 Beauty Bay

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