Saturday 3 June 2017

Flora & Curl Review

I'm so excited to finally be able to share my thoughts on Flora & Curl, because I have so many things to say about these products.I was very kindly sent these products by Rose to review and to of course let you guys know my thoughts on them.Before I go into this review, I wanted to mention a few things that are extremely beneficial about them:
  • All of the products are handmade
  • No harmful ingredients
  • No animal testing
  • Free from sulphates, silicones, mineral oil, additives, synthetic colouring/dyes and artificial fragrancing, parabens  
I love how Flora & Curl are based in the UK too, because its always hard to not only find brands that are designed for our hair types, but I love it where they're made where I live.It kind of has a bigger meaning to it in a way :) 

Jasmine Oasis Hair Mist
What it claims to do:
  • Restores moisture and instantly conditions dry hair 
  • Instantly softens and reduces signs of brittleness
  • Great for revitalizing hair throughout the day
  • Delivers manageability and ease of styling
  • Suitable for extra dry, brittle, dehydrated hair

I've been raving about this hair mist on my instagram story so much, as I've been using it constantly during this warm weather.I have days where I honestly cannot be bothered to do my hair at all either because I'm lazy or I'm having a bad day with anxiety.At the same time, I don't like my hair getting dry and not moisturised, so this is where this hair mist comes in.I choose to spray it onto my hands first, instead of directly spraying it onto my hair, mainly because I personally prefer this method.I feel like I'm able to cover all of my hair instead of using the nozzle.

I have to agree that it works fantastic at restoring moisture and stops my hair from feeling dry.It also adds a little bit of shine to my curls as well which is a plus.I applied it here on Day 3+ hair and you can use it daily if you want to get that moisture back.I personally don't need to use it on a daily basis, as it keeps my hair moisturised for a good 2-3days (depending on the weather) and overdoing it can leave the hair looking a bit greasy.If you're someone that likes to have there hair up a lot in a bun or a pineapple, this is great for adding moisture to your hair that lasts for the whooooooole day.

Price: £16.99     Purchase Me!

African Citrus Superfruit Hair Oil
What it claims to do:
  • Antioxidant-rich oil formula intensively seals and locks in moisture 
  • Vitamin C-rich citrus infusion stimulates the scalp and aids in growing, thickening and strengthening the hair
  • Delivers protection against split ends, environmental damage and breakage
  • Known to enhance natural sheen to create healthy shine lustre
  • Suitable for dry, dull, and damaged hair
Firstly this product smells incredible and I mean seriously it smells amazing.Its smells a lot stronger than the hair mist, but its not overpowering to the point where you'll feel sick.I love to drench my hair in this oil too, not just because it smells amazing but it leaves my hair so nice and soft, its hard to not touch it.Again I apply this on days where my hair is feeling a little bit dry and is lacking that moisture.You can also include it into your LOC/LCO method, which I favour to use it in the LCO method, as the oil works great on top of a curl cream/gel and gives it more shine.
I also find sometimes when it comes to oil based products, they either leave my hair with a lot of shrinkage or it can cause my hair to frizz a little.This oil works great as a base for when you may want to detangle your hair without causing damage or breakage, but your hair will still frizz up like a cloud if you do this.My hair is definitely stronger since using this oil and you don't need a lot of it to work a dream.I obviously love drowning my hair in it, especially on a "deep condition day" or as a hot oil treatment, as its such a lovely treat for your hair to bring it back to life.To some extent, I can say that its helped with hair growth, mainly because its made my hair stronger and hardly any breakage occurs.

Price £18.00     Purchase Me!

Flower Garden Hair Butter
What it claims to do:
  • Provides soft hold and definition without being crunchy or hard
  • Perfect for styles such as twists out, bantu knot outs, braids and perm rod styling
  • Nutrient-rich oils penetrate deep into all layers to provide all-day moisture
  • Delivers superior moisture locking ability to damp hair
This was the first product that I tried when I took everything out of the box and I've saved the best till last.I was actually really intrigued by it, mainly because of the colour (looks so edible) and because I love hair butters.Although the hair oil smells amazing, this scent of hair butter is out of this world as it smells like roses and its so sweet.Like we all know how obsessed I am with roses already, its embarrassing.The texture kind of reminds me of a jelly with sugar in it, but it instantly melts onto the hair once applied.I love applying this to my hair damp, because it penetrates the hairs cuticles much better compared to when its dry.It does provide really good moisture to the hair, not leaving it crunchy or feeling sticky.
I cannot comment on how well it works for bantu knots, braids or perm rod styling, as I don't do any of these for my hair, but it does provide really good hold when it comes to doing buns.I've been wearing my hair up in buns a lot recently, because I just cannot handle this heat with my hair down.I love to use this on my edges too when having my hair up in a bun, because if I don't style them, I'll be rocking the rest of the day with my fivehead.Whats another benefit of this hair butter, is that you can apply as much as you want, and it won't cause any build up or crunchiness.If I could apply this every single day, I would but I want to save as much as I can.

Price £14.00     Purchase Me!

I'm very happy and impressed with this range, and I cannot wait to see what other products Flora & Curl add.I'm hoping they will be adding there own shampoo, conditioner and curl product, because I have no doubt that they will provide amazing results like these.I also haven't found anything negative to say about these products either and I've been testing them for sometime now.If anything does change results wise or if Flora & Curl do add more products to there range, I'll make sure to keep this post updated :)

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