Kérastase Discipline Fluidissime Spray

My first ever Kérastase product arrived today and I'm so happy with it I had to write a review on the same day!First off I wasn't actually intending to purchase any hair products for a while,  as my shelf is overflowing, and I needed to slow down.I never saw myself purchasing anything from this brand due to it being very expensive which steered me away from it.While looking online for makeup, they had this range on sale under the "curly hair" section.Doing some more research on the product and brand, not realising its part of L'Orèal Paris, I was sold.

The discipline range includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Masque, Smoothing Milk and Leave In Spray, and is directed towards fine,curly, unruly and chemically treated hair types.I decided to purchase the spray as it is a heat protectant, anti-frizz,leaves hair shiny and gives movement.This also makes your curls looser, but without changing your curl permanently or damaging it, and works absolutely great when you see the results later on.

Making my hair damp, I shook the bottle as recommended to activate it, and sprayed a small amount onto my hand to work out how much I needed for my hair, taking a guess at 4 pumps.I done this due to the bottle not saying how much you need, so your kinda left there guessing to find out what works best for you.

Depending on how thick and frizzy your hair is, it can range between 1-4 pumps, even though the 4 done well for my hair, I feel I could get away with 2 or 3.The scent that gets talked about a lot in reviews smells amazing!It has that floral/salon scent to it, which kinda makes sense due to these mostly being used and sold at salons.While doing my makeup while it air dried, I noticed that was hair wasn't frizzy as usual and was no shrinkage.The main reason my hair frizzes, and I'm sure I am not the only one that does this, but I tend to touch my hair a lot.Its a habit and I really try not to, but sometimes I would end up doing it then realising what a dumbo I am.
Look no frizz!How amazing is that?This photo was taken after it air dried, and putting a headband on to keep my hair out of my face.My curls are also left soft, defined, and also have some shine to them as well.Movement was also achieved, not leaving my curls sticky or stuck together like some products do, and being able to flip my hair without it getting frizzy either is a bonus.

The only thing it hasn't been tested for at the moment is the heat protectant, but I have high hopes for this as it ticked everything else it stated it would do.While typing this its been in my hair roughly 4 hours, and while there is still zero frizz despite switching t-shirts, there is only minimal shrinkage (right photo).Based on what it has achieved so far especially on the first day, this gets 10/10.

They currently have this on sale at Look Fantastic for £15.30 instead of £20.50 .At full price I would still purchase this product because of the results I got, the bottle (150ml) which looks/feels expensive, and is worth every penny.Would reccommend this to everyone, especially those with thick curly like mine as it works.

This has changed my outlook on Kérastase and will be purchasing more from there range in the future! :)

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