Remington Switch & Protect Challenge

I know I've been banging on about this in the last two weeks and wrote a lot of buildup to it, but I can now finally release the results over the next 4weeks on how well these products worked for me.As an reminder or if you new to what this is all about, over the next 4weeks I'll be switching my normal hair styling tools for these, and with weekly updates of how I got on.I'm very excited to be a part of this, and sharing the results with you, on if these are worth purchasing.This is a very thorough review and will be quite long, so if your looking for small comments on these products follow my story on Remington :) (All opinions are my own and I'm also not getting paid to review this)

Week 1: 
When receiving the products, I thought I'd do an unboxing video, to capture my excitement and also a quick demo on the protect straightener (video here).The first thing I loved about these tools is the beautiful ice shade blue colour and quality that it gives off.I've owned quite a lot of hair tools, particularly hair straighteners area, and nothing comes close to how lovely these look.Considering I done a short demo on the hair straighteners, I decided to use the hair dryer first to see how well it combated with my curls.
Main Points:
- ThermoCare dries the hair fast with less heat for amazing results and less damage
- Advanced Dryer Ring infused with Keratin, Argan and Macadamia oils for shiny, healthy looking hair
- Cool Shot and 3heat/2speed settings
- Lightweight
- Concentrator and Diffuser
- Cord- 1.8m
- 5year Warranty

For the first time using this, I decided to use it after shampooing and conditioning my hair, as I hate waiting around for it to air dry as it takes so long.While my hair was still damp, I attached the diffuser, and had the settings on the highest speed and mid heat.At the ends, I would use the cool shot, while scrunching my hair up to give it that extra definition.This process took 3-4minutes for my hair to dry at the standard I wanted.
I'm happy to say that this hair dryer does exactly what it states and I'm really happy with the results so far.Considering 100% I use curl creams to define my hair or for moisture if it feels dry, this is my hair with zero product in and also zero frizz too, which is an achievement as my hair would always frizz after using a hair dryer or with no product to stop it.The oils that are infused the dryer ring work a treat too, because it left my hair very soft and shiny.Its a very lightweight hair dryer, so their wasn't any aching arms during this process at all.

There is nothing negative that I could say about this hair dryer so far as its achieved everything it was designed for, and I'm looking forward to the next 3weeks to see how well I get on.

Next up is the Protect Straightener which I'm sure most of my curly haired followers have wondered about.Nothing is more annoying, than purchasing a hair tool (especially expensive) that doesn't work on your hair, and you feel like giving up there and then, but somehow end up forking out a lot to just find something that works.Does this straightener achieve good results or is it another tool that fails to deliver?
Main Points:
- 68% less damage
- HydraCare provides the perfect balance of moisture and heat while styling the hair
- Cool mist hydrates hair and enables styling with less heat for salon smooth results, whilst protecting from damage
- Advanced Ceramic plates infused with Keratin, Argan and Macadamia oils for shiny, healthy looking hair
- 5 tempurature heat settings that go up to 230°C
- Heats up in 15seconds
- 5year Warranty

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, I done a quick video demo on my hair using this.I was very impressed at the time as my hair actually had curl cream in, so was surprised when it still straightened and left my hair soft, and not in a gunky mess.This time, I straightened my hair with just a heat protectant, sectioning my hair to make sure I got everything covered.My hair is incredibly thick, and I used the 230°C setting to see how well it straightened my hair without it leaving it dry afterwards.It took me roughly 45minutes, which is the normal time it takes me to straighten my hair, however the results are very very different.
Normally when I straighten my hair on such a high heat setting, I'm left with dry hair and fried ends, meaning I have to cut the ends off and apply quite a bit of oil for my hair to feel somewhat moisturised. With these my hair was not left feeling dry, nor did I need to trim any fried ends off as my hair was left very conditioned.This has to be the closest  that my hair has been to being straight and without it feeling awful afterwards.The process of straightening my hair normally comes with "snagging", but these did not do that and actually glided through my hair swiftly yet kind of soft.Again there was zero frizz, however I always struggle to straighten the back of my hair as its quite short so you can probably see half a curl in the top left.The mist technology is also a great feature, for those looking to give your hair some extra nourishment and also for that extra shine too.

Again so far everything has been very positive with these hair tools, and as I'm already in the second week of reviewing these, the results will also be based on a hairstyle to see if these tools can achieve this.

Week 2:
The second week of using these tools has just gone, and its been a great experience so far.As mentioned at the end of my week one summary, I wanted to style my hair with the straighteners differently because although I love poker straight hair, I decided to go for a wavy style for the winter.This style was very simple and achievable, just by turning the straightener on a slight angle, (depending on thick you want the waves) to get that little curl on the end.I then flip my hair all to one side, going over some of my hair with the HydrocCare feature to add some extra shine and to lock in the style.The style lasted for a total of 5days before I decided to prepare my hair for some deep conditioning.

Despite applying these tools onto my hair, with the straightener at 230°C, my curls are still intact and my hair isn't left dry at all.Its great to be able to share these results with you and how they work great for thick curly hair to straight, and without the worry of your hair getting fried!2weeks left of this challenge! :D

Week 3:

Now onto week 3 and again I have some positive results for you.So as mentioned on my instagram, when doing these photo's I only straighten the front and the sides because those are the parts of my hair that I struggle with straightening and shows the best results of how my hair looks, so there maybe a curl or two popping up in the background where that bit hasn't been straightened.

Once again I was left with smooth and shiny hair after straightening, very pleased with the results.Its great to know that these straighteners are very kind to the hair and also producing great results which some brands charge a bomb for and its worse when they don't even work!

Again I have nothing negative to say about these tools and looking forward to see the results for week 4!

Week 4:
Its the last week on testing these tools provided my Remington and I've really enjoyed it.I decided to do provide a photo with my hair after using the hairdryer this week due to banging on about the straighteners so much (oops).Despite applying this much heat to my hair, my curls have bounced back every time which is great to see and reassuring, because I was terrified that my hair would get heat damaged.
This is my hair after using the hair dryer with the diffuser with zero product in it (apart from the heat protectant).Part of me wishes I applied curl cream before also to see how much more defined they would be, for me this is just perfect and was pretty fast to get my hair dry like this.Its great to know and see how well this tool works on my thick curls and has me 100% convinced that it will work great for other hair types also.

The Remington Protect range perfect for providing long lasting results, and leaving your hair healthy.I feel like because this works great for my crazy hair, it will work great for other types also and is a complete bargain.Again I would like to thank Remington for this amazing opportunity :D

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