Saturday 11 February 2017

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick: Crimson

When Urban Decay announced the release of there Vice Liquid Lipsticks, I knew that I had to get at least one before they all sold out.I haven't had the best experience with there lip products in the past, because I would always get a shade that was patchy or that would bleed everywhere (apart from Bad Blood because that shade is bomb!).All of the shades that I really wanted were sold out and was left with Crimson, so I thought "why not?" and took advantage of there free gift wrap too.It came in a vibrant purple box, and I felt somewhat guilty (and stupid) of the thought of someone gift wrapping my order that contained just one lipstick and a sample.I've been tempted to order more products just to get more boxes...
The shade I decided to get was Crimson, which is a red shade with blue undertones, with this one being a matte finish.Its also described as a waterproof long-lasting liquid lipstick and for it retailing at £15.50 each, I had high expectations.Urban Decay always have packaging that I love to keep (box wise) and I really love the chrome packaging that they decided to do with this range.I've also done a scratch test with my nails on the "VICE LIQUID LIPSTICK" writing and it hasn't chipped at all, so its a product that will look presentable on my dressing table.
When I took the wand out, I was like "Uh oh" because I absolutely suck at applying with wands and the formula looked incredibly thick to work with.It doesn't really have a scent, unless you sit there and seriously take in a big whiff of it like I just did, and it doesn't smell bad.The formula is quite thick, and I had to dab some of the product back into the tube, because I didn't want to waste anything.I was actually very surprised on how easy it was to apply, as I had so many doubts that it was going to transfer everywhere like there previous products that I've owned.It glides onto the lips like a cream and it reminded me of the Tarte Lip Paint formula as well which is one of my favourite lip products.It dries very quickly on the lips and did not leave my lips dry, but instead really soft...
I didn't use any lip base, primer, oil, moisturiser or anything, yet it left my lips incredibaly soft...clearly they're using magic

I wanted to get two pictures of the shade in two different types of natural lighting, with the first one being all gloomy and cloudy, and the second where it brightened up a bit.I've had it on for a total of 7hours, and I've eaten nuggets, greasy chips, drank fizz, drank juice, licked my lips because of my anxiety and it still hasn't bled anywhere.Its only starting to come off around the inner corners of my mouth, but this is only noticeable if I were to yawn for example.It doesn't transfer after about a minute of drying and is only easy to get off with using a makeup remover.My favourite to remove this and any other products is the Nivea Double Eye Makeup Remover which takes the product away with just two swipes.Below I've provided of Crimson compared to Tartes Lip Paint in the shade Bae.The second image shows me swiping two fingers through the swatches, with Crimson not budging at all.
I'll hold my hands up and say that I'm very surprised on how good this liquid lipstick turned out to be.This might of been due to the bad experiences I've had with Urban Decay in the past, but I still wanted to give them a go and to let you guys know of course my thoughts on it.I don't have anything negative to say about this shade in particular, but I'm intrigued on trying the other shades to see how well they do too.At the time of this post, they're currently only available at Urban Decay, but will soon be rolling out at Debenhams online and in-store.I'm really glad that I didn't waste my money on this and will be purchasing more, once they restock the shades that I'm after.Watch this space for future shade updates

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