Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Wearing the wrong bra size all of my life?

Throughout my life, I've been blessed/cursed with having big boobs and it was hard enough trying to find a bra that would fit my big bust whilst finding clothes that would fit in the process.I recently done a post for Good Bra's For Big Boobs, becoming a new customer for Curvy Kate and 100% sure that I was 32DD,32E, 34D and 34DD sizes.I recently got an email from the lovely Chantelle Crabb who is known as the Bra Whisperer for Curvy Kate, telling me that I looked more of a 28GG/28H, due to my rib cage being so tiny.Of course I couldn't believe this, because although I do have a fairly small waist, I'm not exactly toned and do have my lumps and bumps like everyone else.I was very lucky to of been sent the Vixen bra above to try and guess what?It fits me so much better cup and support wise, especially around the back AND its a 28H!Showing my mum she also couldn't believe on the different it made, and the way it (in her words)" not made my boobs look squished, and they moulded into the cup perfectly".It then made me think about all of the bra's I've purchased in my life and none were even close to that size at all.Although my recent 32E Curvy Kate bra gives me great comfort (image below), I can see and feel the massive difference that the Vixen bra gives me, however I'm still going to wear it because I just love the design of it and it kind of makes me feel a bit sexy (oops!)
Curvy Kate has also become one of my favourite lingerie brands, and I've been kicking myself for not purchasing any of there items sooner.I also love how they have ranges where you can go for that sexy look, to pretty and to just a normal supportive bra.I think its more friendly for secondary school ladies compared to Ann Summers, as you don't want to oversexualise yourself too much especially at that age, but you can find a bra that fits perfectly, great support, pretty design and the best of all, for a very good price.If you haven't seen it already here is a link to my Good Bra's For Big Boobs post which is updated regularly :)


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