Thursday 6 July 2017

Beauty Bakerie Makeup Treats: Flour Setting Powder & Lip Whips

Beauty Bakerie is a brand that I instantly fell in love with earlier this year and I'm so happy to write up this blog post talking about them.I'm a massive fan of liquid lipsticks with a matte finish, so after trying my first one (royal tea), I ended up purchasing another one the next day and its now my go to red lipstick.I'm also a full supporter when a company is black owned and even more when they have a backstory.Cashmere Nicole who is the CEO and founder of Beauty Bakerie, is an absolute inspiration and I've never known someone who carries themselves so well, whilst also taking the time out for her customers at the same time.Check her out on Beauty Bakeries Youtube, you'll fall in love with her too!

Ok, so I have quite a lot of liquid lipsticks (borderline addict?), mainly because I love to see which ones actually LAST.I remember seeing a video of the lip whip swatches on an arm, with someone running water over them.No budging.No Smearing.NO NOTHING.It was literally staying intact.At this point I was like "no way", so of course that was my excuse/reason to purchase one and to also do my own water test as well (see below)

Royal Tea (royalty get it?) was the first one that I purchased and this lip whip is metallic.I would describe it as a gorgeous berry shade, that leaves a lovely metallic finish.I'm usually not keen on metallic liquid lipsticks, mainly because I find that they transfer all over the place and leave my lips dry, but this one does not do that.It does last a very long time, without it moving around anywhere, but I have to say that I feel the normal matte lip whips last longer in my opinion.I think this is a common thing when it comes to liquid lipsticks, that metallics don't last as long, but I have no issue about this at all because this metallic shade formula lasts for a very long time.You only need to apply two coats worth to get the true shade of whats advertised on the model or the tube.Speaking of which, the packaging these come in are so cute, they remind me of little swirly candy canes.They do come in pretty boxed packaging too, which I think they all differ as I've received a white one and a reflective rainbow one.I'll get onto how these lip whips apply in the next section
Next is not only my favourite shade but also my favourite lip whip out of my collection, which is Cranberry Stiletto!I've honestly lost count of how many red shade lip products I have, but I was never able to find the right shade and it lasting for the whole day.I ordered this shade the next day after getting Royal Tea, because this shade had just come back in stock so I grabbed it super fast and put it on next day delivery as I couldn't wait.This shade is my perfect red to me, because it has no orange tint to it, just a little bit of blue, but still gives off that perfect red look.For this shade I only needed one coating to get the desired red that I wanted.

The foam doe foot applicator is really easy to work with and I normally struggle when it comes to apply liquid lipsticks or any type of lipsticks for that matter.It doesn't soak up too much product and the foam is so flexible that helps you get to those corner spots of your mouth without making a mess.I know its not 100% accurate on my mouth because I'm still trying to get it right, but these do make it so much easier for me.

The food and drink test is always something people want to know about when it comes to liquid lipsticks.When it comes to most brands they just straight up say "oh you can eat and drink whatever and it will still be intact".Beauty Bakerie have been very open and honest to say that these lip whips don't work well with oily based foods (or drinks for that matter), because it breaks the formula down.Although they made it pretty obvious about this, thats not going to stop me from trying right?

I tried it with some very greasy yet oily chips from a takeaway first and that was actually the last chip from the box.The only difference you can see from that image and the one above of me holding the lip whip, is that the colour had faded only a little bit and it wasn't looking fully matte no more.The second one I decided to try it with pizza, which I actually had for breakfast on a sunday, so it wasn't too oily.I'm not too sure if its obvious in that photo because of my cheeks, but I actually have two mouthfuls of pizza in my mouth whilst smiling.None of it faded and it still left a matte finish on my lips.I've also tried it with fizzy drinks, McDonald's (below), Starbucks and many other foods, and it did NOT budge, so Beauty Bakerie are very true to when they say about there long lasting lip whips.
You can purchase them from any of the retailers that I've listed below, or you can find them at the end of this blog post to save you from scrolling all the way back up.I also recommend checking out Beauty Bakeries website directly as many of there new products are released there first before arriving in the UK.Prices for these lip whips start at £16

Beauty Bakerie
Beauty Bay
Cult Beauty

I've been saving this makeup product until last, because I have so much to say about it.If you've been following me social media for a while, I was looking everywhere for a powder that not only set my makeup, but actually matched my skintone as well.I was using another brand for a while, but it began to crease after a few hours.When Beauty Bakerie announced about releasing powders, I was straight on it, to then struggle on which shade to get.I left it far too long to the point where they sold out everywhere and I couldn't pick up the one I wanted.Beauty Bakerie were then very kind enough to send me a powder in exchange for my thoughts and review.

The packaging first is by far the cutest thing that I've ever seen, as it comes in a cute little pouch, hence the name "flour" setting powder.I did show it in the first picture of this post, but below I've provided another image of when it arrived in the delivery box, as it was just too adorable to not get a picture of it straight away.
I got the yellow powder, which is perfect for my skintone and also brightens the under eyes for me as well.After applying concealer to my under eyes with a beauty blender, I take a triangle shaped sponge and apply the powder.I prefer to use the triangle sponge instead of the other beauty blender that I have, mainly because the edges of the triangle sponge make it more easy to apply directly underneath the eye.Leaving that to set, I normally apply a lipstick and touch up my eyebrows a little bit before getting a brush to sweep away the powder.It literally leaves your skin feeling and looking incredibly smooth, also brightening the under eyes making your eyes pop!I do suffer from extreme dark circles on days where my anxiety is really bad and I've gotten zero sleep because of it, but this powder really does help make them panda eyes vanish.Below is a photo of my "natural look" makeup with the powder set underneath my eyes.No editing or filters were applied to this photo, its all natural lighting.
I can wear this powder all day, even in this crazy UK weather heat that we currently have and my makeup still stays in place.I would say it starts to crease around 17-18hours after applying and yes I've tested this because I literally do not sleep because of my insomnia.I would of taken a picture of this, but I don't think thats a picture the internet needs to see.This powder is retailed for £19.50 within the UK which to be honest I think is ridiculously cheap (like the lip whips) for the product quality, the application, the duration and the unique formula, so you're getting amazing deals on there products. 

Lastly all Beauty Bakerie products are cruelty free, however not all of there products are vegan.I've listed the below of what is and isn't vegan free, at the time of this post, but please check on there website (below) to see an updated list:

Vegan free:
All Matte Lip Whips, GELatos, Sugar Lip Scrub and Lip Whip Remover.

Not vegan free:
Neapolitan EyesCream Palette, Pancake EyesCream, Auburn BROWnies, Waffle Cone Metallic Matte Lip Whip and Pink Flour Setting Powder

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