Wednesday 31 August 2016

Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation 6.0 & 7.75

I've been waiting ages for this to come out in the UK and I was so happy when Urban Decay announced that it was available online before the 1st September in-store date.This is my first ever foundation that I've owned by Urban Decay and I kept seeing positive reviews everywhere so couldn't resist to try it.Just to note, my skin type is normal, not suffering from any dry, oily or uneven skin.
Lets first talk about the packaging.By watching so many Youtube videos, I was instantly in love with the design.Never in my life have I seen such a unique design, that kind of gives off like a webbed look.The packaging of the foundation and the box is very sleek, and really stands out against all of my makeup cosmetics. 

What it says on the box:
"The ultimate foundation for a flawless-looking complexion.This waterproof formula provides complete coverage that lasts all day (or all night), with a modern matte finish that never looks overdone.Achieve a blown-out effect you never thought possible-for skin that looks amazing and stays that way.Perfect for all-night affairs and other scandalous activities, this revolutionary formula is also comfortable enough to wear every day.We loaded this full-coverage foundation with such an insane amount of pigment that a little goes a long way.(And there's no need to build your coverage or apply multiple layers).Light-diffusing pigments blur flaws for beautifully perfected skin, while high-tech ingredients mattify and absorb oil to reduce the appearance of shine"
As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, this is my first foundation by this brand so I had to pretty much guess the shade.I tried to do this by using a foundation converter, that recommended the Naked Skin in the shade 5.0, but looking at the shade in the All Nighter looked way too light for me.Doing more research on the website, the 6.0 looked like the closest colour for my golden and peachy undertones.Looking at both of the photos that I've taken in different lighting, you can see that there isn't much difference to the foundation colour and that its mainly picked up on the silver packaging.Above are swatches of the Urban Decay Foundation alongside my other two foundations that I use.I mainly use the NARS Luminous Weightless Foundation as its the closest shade to my skin tone and as you can see its a lot darker than the Urban Decay, however the Urban Decay oxidises.Before you panic, its not a massive difference because it only gets a bit dark.The foundation got a bit darker (not orange) 5minutes after applying and actually began to get closer to my actual skin tone tone.The first image I'm wearing 6.0 and the second is 7.75.
As with all my foundations, I use my favourite Real Techniques Expert Brush to blend it in.Like a few other youtubers have mentioned, it does leave your face looking cakey if you just use the brush, so I took my beauty blender to set in the makeup and to remove the cakey look.For the whole of my face, I only needed 1 and a half pumps (especially for that fivehead of mine).I can 100% agree this foundation blurs out flaws, because I had two raging spots sitting on my head and now they've vanished.It leaves a matte finish and doesn't dry out the skin at all.I think this foundation would work great for oily skin, but you will 100% need to use the beauty blender as well, to set the makeup.The only thing I'm not keen on is the smell, which has that typical chemical foundation smell (bit like the old Rimmel and Avon foundations).

The All Nighter range offers a huge 24 shades for all different skin tones.I'm very happy that they've done this because its so hard to find a foundation that matches my skin tone.Its also great see they've done shades for men and women that are darker as well, as the struggle is real for them too.Below I've provided each shade to the corresponding undertones, to help you get the closest shade to yourself if you're unable to go in-store.I've also done a video of me applying the 6.0 shade which you can view by clicking "here"

To purchase from this range, click the link here

Shade: 0.5 - Fair Porcelain with subtle pink undertones                    
Shade: 1    - Fair bisque with soft warm undertones                      
Shade: 1.5 - Fair bisque with subtle pink undertones
Shade: 2    - Fair with soft warm undertones
Shade: 2.5 - Fair with subtle pink undertones
Shade: 3    - Light with soft warm undertones
Shade: 3.25 - Light with neutral undertones
Shade: 3.5 - Light with subtle pink undertone
Shade: 4    - Medium-light with soft warm undertones
Shade: 4.5 - Medium-light beige with subtle pink undertones
Shade: 5    - Medium with soft warm undertones
Shade: 5.5 - Medium with subtle pink undertones
Shade: 6 - Medium beige with soft warm undertones
Shade: 6.5 - Medium beige with subtle pink undertones
Shade: 7    - Medium-dark with soft warm undertones
Shade: 7.5 - Medium-dark with subtle pink undertones
Shade: 7.75 - Medium-dark with golden undertones
Shade: 8    - Dark with soft warm undertones
Shade: 8.75 - Dark with golden undertones
Shade: 9    - Dark beige with soft warm undertones
Shade: 9.75 - Dark beige with golden undertones
Shade: 10  - Dark brown with soft warm undertones
Shade: 11  - Very dark brown with soft warm undertones
Shade: 12  - Deep with soft warm undertones

To purchase from this range, click the link here

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