Wednesday 2 November 2016

NYX Lingerie Eye Tints, Lipstick Suedes, Lingerie Lipsticks & Cosmetic Metal Liquid Lipstick Swatches

Being a massive fan of Nyx Cosmetics, I was so excited to find their new eye tints and metals stocked at Boots.After going on Youtube to look at swatches, I decided to pick up 3eye tints and one metal liquid lipstick to try out.3 of my Boots stores didn't have them in-store, so I ended up ordering online for next day delivery.I own 4 other liquid matte lipsticks from Nyx, so thought it would be a good idea to do swatches of them all to see the comparison and to see what they look like against my skintone.(All products mentioned in this post have been purchased with my own money)
I decided to try out the eye tints first, because I was eager to find out what the formula was like.The shades that I purchased top to bottom are: New Romance, Evening Spell and Sweet Cloud.

The pigmentation of these eye tints are extremely good and the formula is so creamy.It glides on so easily and doesn't move about over the place either.Its also transfer proof and being someone that is absolutely crap at applying eye makeup, its an extra plus for me so I'm not left looking like a clown.When applying, I only had to go over it once to achieve the colours shown in the images.The wand helps so much when applying too, so you can add how much you want to the eye area and I found it works great on its own when applying to the eyes.

The formula finishes matte with some beautiful shimmery pigments that make them stand out, especially in direct sunlight (shown above).It lasted roughly around 8hours before it started to fade, but not once did it crumble around my eyes.There isn't much of a scent and it smells very similar to the suede liquid lipsticks.These retail for £6 each from Boots and Feelunique which is ridiculously cheap and I think is a fantastic price for what you get.I'm very tempted to try the eye tints on my lips to see the colour (evening spell) but I'm going to contact Nyx first just to be safe.
I'm now going to go into my Nyx Liquid Lipsticks collection and I wanted to start with the latest one that I've added to my collection: Nyx Cosmic Metals.I would always avoid metallic type lipsticks, mainly because I just didn't feel comfortable wearing them and the majority of metallic lipsticks are quite bright.The colour of this lip cream is gorgeous and the photo above doesn't really do it justice which I'll go into.Wearing it in person and seeing it on the wand, its more of a pink rose gold which attracted me to it in the first place (we all know how obsessed I am with rose gold).My camera made it look way too pink, and despite taking nearly 100photos, it just wasn't capturing it correctly.The shade is: Speed Of Light

The formula is creamy and is an absolute dream to apply to the lips.I've never come across such a creamy product for the lips, that doesn't dry them out after setting and doesn't transfer all over the place when applying.It takes about 3-4minutes for this lip cream to set on the lips properly and doesn't transfer or fade up to 7hours.This shade absolutely pops and is surprisingly one of my favourite shades that I own.Below I've provided swatches of the other liquid lipsticks so you can see the colour and the finish.
(Top to Bottom: Speed Of Light, Exotic,Cherry Skies, Soft-Spoken and Transylvania)
I'm happy with all the liquid lip creams, apart from the last shade.Transylvania used to be my favourite deep purple matte lip cream, but the longer I've had it, the formula has changed completely.It now transfers all over the place, leaving it looking very streaky.The formula no longer finishes matte either, however its the only one that has a really nice scent of vanilla.Exotic and Soft-Spoken are very similar, except Exotic tends to be more dry on the lips.I'm not usually a fan of pinkish nudes, but I'm pretty comfortable wearing them.Cherry Skies is from the same range as Soft-Spoken, however it takes a little bit longer for it to dry completely matte.Its easy to apply to the lips and is easy to remove with a good makeup remover.All of them (apart from Transylvania) are extremely long lasting and do not bleed at all.You can purchase them from ASOS, Boots and Feelunique.I highly recommend ASOS if you have ASOS Premier :) 

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