Wednesday 20 December 2017

BourjoisKissMass VoxBox

Its just 5days away from Christmas, how crazy is that?I was lucky enough to get another complimentary VoxBox from Influenster, with some more Bourjois goodies!I also have a blog post on the Rogue Velvet Lipsticks that was sent to me by Influenster, featuring all of the shades and a thorough review on the formula which was done recently as well.I decided to do a makeup look with these products, apart from the eyeshadow which is explained later on.

Healthy Mix Foundation:
I wanted to start out with the foundation first as its been nearly 10years since I last used a Bourjois foundation.I decided to go with the shade Light Beige (No 56) as the description seemed like the closest match to my skintone.
I went with my usual makeup base, which is the L'Oréal Skin Perfection Moisturiser, as it works great for liquid foundations.My skin isn't being its usual self at the moment, but I've still listed the issues that I'm having so it helps:
  • Acne 
  • Redness 
  • Hyperpigmentation on the forehead, cheek and chin

I used 1 and a half pumps to cover my entire face
I blended the foundation with the Zoeva Buffer Brush, which is my favourite for liquid foundations
This foundation is extremely runny, so I wasn't too worried about it drying too fast.Like all of the Bourjois foundations, it smells really nice and its not too overpowering either.It wasn't specified on how to apply this foundation, so I went in with my favourite brush which works great for liquid foundations.When blending, I found that it left a few streaks on my face, despite me going over the same part over and over again.I decided to do the pat method, where I patted the foundation with my brush in circular motions, until it no longer looked streaky.I left it for a couple of minutes, until it dried down and surprisingly, its a very close match to my skin tone.I added an extra 1 and a half pumps for my forehead to try and cover the acne spots a bit more.

After a couple of hours, this foundation left my skin extremely oily.It was oily around my forehead, nose and mouth area, which didn't look great at all.Setting it with a powder does help it last a bit longer, but it still ends up getting oily.Its very medium coverage as it didn't cover my spots that well and adding even more just caused my skin to look even more oily.I've tried this foundation with numerous bases to see if any could fix the issue, but my skin just ended up being an oily mess after a few hours.I honestly don't think this foundation is suitable for those that have oily skin already, but saying that, I don't think its suitable for anyone.Even on the clear parts of my face, it still ended up being oily for me and I just don't think the coverage is that great.I've tried other foundations within the same price range of this one (£5.99-£9.99) and they work a lot better than this.Unfortunately this has to be a pass for me.

Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Concealer:
Next I wanted to try the Anti-Fatigue concealer on top of the foundation, just to see on how well they worked together.The shade of this concealer is in Foncé Dark (No 53) which is a very close match to my Tarte Shape Concealer in the shade Medium.The wand made it super easy to apply and this smells just as good as the foundation, but not as strong.I wanted to blend one side with a brush and the other with a beauty blender.The brush didn't blend it out at all and left a huge streak underneath my eye, whereas the beauty blender worked really well.I normally use a lot more when it comes to concealers, but with the amount that I used in the above photo, gave me great coverage

I've tried a lot of concealers in my life, considering I usually suffer from dark circles when my anxiety was bad the night before and this one isn't that bad.I usually use the Maybelline Eye Eraser, but the shade range is terrible.I prefer the packaging of this one, alongside having many shades to choose from and how simple it is to blend with a beauty blender.This has also replaced my other drugstore concealer and I know this one will last me longer as I don't need to apply a lot to the area.

Metallic Lip Creams/Lip Glosses:
Guilded Rose
Neon Nights

The metallic lips formulas are super creamy and I don't get why they are listed as a "Lip Gloss".The Supernova shade was the most difficult to apply, as it was more streaky.I feel it would work better as a topper, as it just struggled being on its own.Neon Lights is extremely pigmented and I only needed two layers to achieve the full on pink effect.I'm not usually a fan when it comes to glittery or reflective shades, I'm more of a matte lipstick kind of girl, but I actually find these colours really pretty and the formula isn't tacky either.

Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara:
I've used Bourjois mascara's in the past, not having the best experience with them so I was honestly expecting the worst.The formula of this mascara is a lot more thicker than most brands that I've tried, but it doesn't soak the lashes to the point where its gloopy.I feel this mascara gives the illusion of having lash extensions, but still looking very natural.You have to give it a couple of minutes for it to dry and it doesn't leave the lashes hard after setting.
I actually ended up sleeping with my makeup on (I know sorry thats bad!) and the mascara pretty much stayed intact.The only issue that I had was that it obviously left my lashes feeling a bit hard, but that was down to me not removing it.Its fairly easy to remove with a makeup remover and doesn't leave a big mess.I've tried a lot of mascaras and this one is currently my favourite to use when I want to get full, but natural looking lashes.

Quad Smoky Stories Eyeshadow & Blusher
This eyeshadow set is in the shade Over Rose and it consists of a: Prime, Shadow, Define and Highlighter.I ended up using this as a highlighter, using the lightest shade and mixing it with the glitter shade to highlight my cheekbones and collarbones.The reason why I done this, was because the the eyeshadow as a whole, is extremely hard to blend with.I found it a lot more easier to apply the shadows with my fingers as well, instead of the brush thats included in the set and with my own eyeshadow brushes as well.They are very pigmented when swatching with your fingers, but when blending or using a brush, it loses the pigmentation.
Even though I only used two shades to create this simple highlight, you need to set it or it starts to crumble after a couple of hours.I had high hopes for this as Bourjois normally create amazing eyeshadows, but the formula of these are not even near as good as their Intense Eyeshadow Pots.
Lastly I'm reviewing the blusher, which is in the shade Rose d'Or/Golden Rose.For my skintone, this blusher is too pink for me, however I only used a little bit to show you what it looks like on me.As swatched above, its actually a really nice colour and its very pigmented.It also has a scent, which smells like old fashioned perfume, but its still very ice and not overpowering.Like all of there blushes, this goes onto the skin very nicely and actually works with the little brush thats included.Although this shade is not my colour, I still think it gave a nice little pink cheek to my face, without me looking like a clown.The packaging is really cute and I love that it comes with a mirror as well, if you need to touch up your blusher.

I've really enjoyed reviewing this products and I'm extremely grateful to Bourjois and Influenster UK for selecting me for this campaign.If you have any questions that I haven't answered in this blog post, let me know in the comment section :) 

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