Thursday 27 July 2017

Garnier Ultimate Blends: Coconut Milk & Macadamia 3 in 1 Mask (Curly Hair)

Garnier have recently added to their Ultimate blends range, including more shampoo's, conditioners and hair masks.I had a great experience with their coconut oil and cocoa butter range, so I was really excited to see the new stuff that was added.I currently have enough shampoo's/conditioners (about 20+), so decided to purchase a hair mask instead.Garnier have a total of 8 hair masks to choose from and I decided to go with the coconut milk and macadamia mask.Its targeted for dry hair, which curly hair naturally can be, mostly more during certain seasons.I like finding hair products that give my hair extra moisture, without it being too much where its left greasy, so I decided to start off with this mask.

"Our ultimate remedy for nourished, soft and supple hair. Garnier Ultimate Blends Wholesome Nourisher for dry hair, enriched with natural extracts and Coconut Milk & Macadamia.Our créme de la créme hair saviour Coconut Milk and Macadamia are blended with love in a delicately scented, creamy formula to nourish hair, leaving it smooth and full of shine.Hair is replenished and nourished, to give it shine and luscious suppleness.Soak it up"

  • Wholesome blends for naturally beautiful hair every day
  • Enriched with natural ingredients extracts 
  • No parabens
  • 100% Recyclable Bottles
I like the way hair masks are now presented in a tub, instead of a bottle, because it can be an absolute pain standing there and shaking the bottle like mad.Upon unscrewing the lid, the strong scent of coconut is insane, and its DELICIOUS!.I've smelt a lot of coconut "based" products in my life, where it has that kind of chemical scent intwined with it, but this mask does not at all.

The texture is thick and creamy, melting onto the hair once applied and it feels so nourishing.This hair mask does have the option to apply to dry hair, to smooth and tame, but I personally prefer to use it on wet hair for suppleness.My hair is extremely thick, so I applied two 50p sized amount to my hair, making sure every strand was covered.I left it on my hair for 5minutes, and you can feel it working on your hair.I didn't want to wash it out, because my hair smelt that good and felt soft already before even washing it out.It was extremely easy to wash out and my hair felt so nourished and soft, I didn't even bother applying any curl creams or gels to my hair.
The top picture is my hair an after of drying, with the one below 6hours after
Despite not having curl products in my hair, the frizz is actually compared to what I usually get (BIG CLOUD OF FRIZZ!).Thinking about it though while typing this, its most likely my fault, as I cannot stop touching my hair because its so nice and soft.I have a little bit of shine to my curls, which is impressive as I normally have to use a shine spray to achieve it all over.

I'm happy to continue using this hair mask and no doubt I'll be purchasing this one again in the future.If I had the money, I would purchase all of them to try out and review, unless Garnier would like to send me them *hint hint*.Its currently on sale for £2.50 at Superdrug, with it going up to £4.49 next month.I would happily buy it at full price, considering that I've spent money on more expensive ones and I don't get these results.They are super popular too, with most of them out of stock at Superdrug, but you can also pick them up at Boots and Amazon.If you have any questions that I haven't answered or you'd like to share your experience on this mask, please let me and others know in the comments! :)

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