Sunday 13 May 2018

Garnier Original Remedies: Avocado Oil & Shea Butter (Translated To English)

My hair has been extremely dry recently, which I mainly think is due to the UK weather being whack.We've had sun, rain and BOOM out of nowhere, snow!Last week I made my own avocado hair mask with some other natural ingredients and because of the positive results, I thought I'd look online to see if I could fine a leave in.Garnier was one of few that came up and being someone that loves Garnier, I decided to give it a go.At the time of this post, the packaging and image on Amazon was in Spanish, so I've translated it the best I could with the help of Google Translate.This is a mini review, since a UK version has not been released yet and the properties could be different at a later date.

What the bottle says:
  • An Anti-Frizz remedy for unruly hair and difficult to control
  • A recipe for intense nutrition that combines the softening properties of avocado oil and the highly nutritious properties of shea butter
  • Hair nourished, disciplined and easier to style
  • Serum cream provides nutrition and control to your hair.Brighter hair, easier to comb and visibly less frizzy
  • Formulated without parabens 
The texture of the product comes out as a cream, but once you start applying it and rubbing it between your hands, it turns into an oil like texture.It recommends using 1-2 walnut sizes, depending on the length of your hair.I decided to just go with the one, because I didn't want to leave my strands oily and I didn't know how it was going to work with a curling defining product afterwards
This is my hair after leaving it to air dry for 40minutes and without adding a curl defining product.If you're looking for something that leaves the curls moisturised, but with little definition, then I highly recommend it.I feel this product would work great for 2a,2b and 2c curl types, to refresh the curls and to add shine.It didn't cause that much shrinkage on its own which is a good thing when it comes to curly hair, we like to keep our length!There is very little frizz, which is a great achievement, since I didn't follow up with a curl cream.The second time of using it, I put a small amount of curl gel to define my curls a little and to see how well it worked with it.Unfortunately, I haven't found a cream or gel that works alongside it, as its leaves my curls heavy and weighed down (see image below).
The product itself has a slight scent of avocado, but smells more of shea butter.It doesn't last long in the hair which is disappointing, because I personally love the smell of shea butter.
I'm really hoping that Garnier decide to bring out a UK version of this product or something very similar, as its hard to find avocado based hair products online.I know I could make my own (which I do when it comes to hair masks), but I would like something to add as a leave in afterwards that isn't too heavy.You can currently only pick up this product from Amazon for around £5-£7.If I see any other retailers in the UK that stock it, I will update this post below.


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