Monday 19 December 2016

TYME Iron Review For Afro Hair

Being someone that loves hair and beauty, I'm always on the look out to see what else is out there for us curlies.Scrolling through Facebook, TYME popped up as a "suggested" ad for me, and normally I carry on scrolling through my news feed, but the design of this iron stood out to me.Following from that, I went into "full research mode", having a look at there Facebook page, Instagram feed, Youtube/Blogger reviews and read every last detail.I was very impressed with everything, but was only slightly disappointed as there was only one review for it on curly hair.TYME were very kind enough to send me one in exchange for a review, because I was really intrigued to see how it worked for our hair types.I've spent a lot of money on hair tools for my hair over the years to review, and I'm sure a few of you were questioning the price tag of the TYME iron, which was another reason why I wanted to review these and to put any doubts at rest.
TYME has a warehouse in London, so it got delivered very fast by Hermes.It arrived in this gorgeous box and despite it only being a box, the amount of detail and effort thats gone into it is incredible.I've never in my whole life of owning so many hair tools, come across something as pretty as this.The colour is a mixture of bronze to a pink rose gold colour, depending on what lighting you have it in as shown throughout this blog post, but there is no denying of how pretty it is.A booklet to help you with styles and a heat pouch to protect your iron is also in the box too.

Before I even switched them on to try them, I wanted to be able to get to grips with them first, because this design is incredibly unique.The curve design not only makes it easier to create curls and waves, but it also helps them to last longer and reducing frizz too.The guidelines are there to help you to achieve the design you want, whether you want them to be loose or tight.They can also straighten the hair, which I saw on one of there videos, but the real test was to see if it worked on my curly hair.

I decided to straighten my hair on a day after deep conditioning, because I wanted to maintain as much moisture in my hair as possible as I didn't know what to expect with the TYME iron.Whilst my hair was 50% dry, I took my favourite heat protectant, which is the L'Oréal Studio Line Hot & Smooth, and sprayed it all over my hair, making sure that once my hair was completely air dry, I will be able to straighten right away.I put my hair in small sections, brushing with the Denman brush to stop any tangles from getting in the way.Once the TYME iron was heated up after about 50seconds, I was ready to find out to see if they worked on my hair.

Straightening my hair on a day that I've either deep conditioned or shampooed, my hair normally tends to go really poofy, with frizz and static.The picture above is a photo of my hair with just ONE swipe through my hair, and it didn't go its typical poofy route (yaaaaaay!).I straightened the rest of my hair, and it wasn't dead straight, but I was expecting that because my hair normally straightens better the day after wash day, however it still done a fanstatic job at straightening it for the morning.

I woke up the next morning to find that my hair had surprisingly stayed straight with no frizz.This set me off in a really good mood and I was really excited to find out to see how well it would work on creating a wave.After doing my makeup and still sitting in my robe, I started to use the guidelines on the iron to help me create the look I wanted.TYME also have an amazing feature, of where you can book a video call session with one of the stylists to help you create a look with your TYME iron, how amazing is that?At this time as it being Christmas I've been unable too, but I will be having a session with them in the new year so I'll keep you posted on how that went.Anyway, so like I was saying before, I was using the guidelines on the iron to create very loose waves and below is a picture of how the front side of my hair came out...
That shine though!and this is my hair with no product in it (apart from the heat protection) so I was really impressed on how it turned out.Normally with my hair, I would need to apply some serum or coconut oil to tone down the frizz and make my hair shiny, but as you can see, neither of them were needed.I remember on that day that I went absolutely photo crazy, taking pictures for blog posts and just taking pictures of my hair in general.I don't have the best confidence when it comes to my appearance, but when I feel that my hair looks good and I'm happy with it, my confidence increases a bit.

I have to say that this is one of the best styling tools that I have EVER owned in my whole life, considering I have been through so many and none of them come even close to this.The price tag of £184.50 is 100% worth it and I would of happily saved up for this, because its going to be the one hair tool to straighten and curl my hair for the rest of my life.Its not just the TYME iron itself thats amazing, but its the amount of detail and effort that has gone into creating it, like the helpful booklet, the iron sleeve and even the box its presented in.Although I haven't had a StyleTYME session yet, I'm looking really forward to it, because everyone at TYME has been so lovely to me and its just so refreshing to know that this brand is backed by a bunch of lovely people.If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment section below or via my instagram :) 

The TYME iron in the UK can be purchased via this link: CLICK ME 

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