Thursday 29 June 2017

Pretty Polly: Hosiery & Lingerie

Pretty Polly has always been one of my top favourite brands when it came to hosiery, because no brand came close to the quality of there tights.I decided to stop wearing them during my teens, mainly because of my confident issues that stopped me from wearing shorts or skirts most of the time.Since then, they've added more beautiful designs and have now added lingerie too, which I super excited about, because we all know how much I love lingerie!
The first item that I opened were these Nylon Lace Hold Ups, which are the first ones I've ever tried by Pretty Polly.I decided to get the size M/L because of my height, as I was really worried that they would be too big.I'm glad to say that they fit perfectly for my height and sized legs (which can be a pain to find hold ups that do both).I always wondered how hold ups would "stay up" but the lace band around the top helps it stay in place.These are 10 denier and have a gloss finish, which you can see better in the full shot below.
When it comes to comfortability, these are extremely comfortable to wear and I ended up keeping them on under a dress when walking around the house.I decided to match it with two different branded bra and undies, mainly because they don't do my size with bra's and the briefs don't have any attachments.I know these aren't suspenders, but I have a little obsession with them so I decided to try and see if I could clip on the attachments.The lace band at the top of the hold ups are fairly thick which I'm happy with and it helped secure into place when attaching them.These are in the shade black, also being available in the shades barely black and sherry.For the price of just £7.50, I think thats really good for the quality, the design, comfortability and the sheer gloss finish.
Next are these gorgeous Rose tights and if you follow me on instagram, you'll know how obsessed I am with roses.I tend to worry about nude tights, mainly because they are always too light for my skin tone.When I took these out of the box, I was so worried as they looked way too light for me, but once I got them on, they were a very close match.These are one size and I had to be super careful with them, as they didn't pull all the way to the top and I was really worried of tearing a hole in them, so thats something to keep in mind.

The roses are beautifully detailed on the tights and would look beautiful with any outfit (especially a skater dress).They kind of look like you have two roses tattooed onto your legs with the black print and the quality of the print is pretty good.You can wear the roses on the back like advertised on the box, but I personally prefer having them on the front and I'll style them with a knitted jumper with shorts.You can purchase them here

Lastly is the Nastasha Nylon Brazillian briefs which have become my absolute favourite.I normally don't purchase black undies, mainly because I find them a bit boring personally, but it was the lace design of these that made me want them.
I was going to get the matching bra to review, but unfortunately Pretty Polly don't do my size at this time, however when I contacted them asking about this, I was told they will be expanding the collection so hopefully fingers crossed thats soon!.The lace design on the back of these kind of remind me of peacock feathers, with the lace embroidered along the edges.They're extremely comfortable to wear, and although I'm normally not a huge fan of my bum as its not perfect, I feel quite confident when I wear these.It has PP initials/logo in silver on the front with a cute little black bow above.I got these in the size M and they cost for just £6!I might end up purchasing all of the colours, with 6 to choose from.
I'm really glad to see that Pretty Polly have expanded to lingerie now, because I now feel confident in purchasing lingerie items from them.I'll also be stocking up on some of there tights for the winter, since I'm now more confident with myself when it comes to having my legs on show and Pretty Polly do the best for quality and price.

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