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Last week, I gave you guys a sneak peek of Superpeach, choosing to show their Jennifer undies.This was such a popular hit on here and on my instagram, I am overwelmed by the positive response/feedback and I;m so excited to be sharing the other two with you as well!.Before I go into the underwear, I wanted to talk about how lovely and cute the little box is.I'm normally not a fan of pink, but this box is adorable and the lovely box ribbon around it makes it simple yet pretty.After unwrapping, there are little white petals inside, followed by (material), with the undies neatly folded underneath.I currently have a video of this being edited which you will be able to see here once its available.
The heart tags that are attached to the undies are also very cute, which I've kept on my dressing table as I just love them.Anyway onto the undies!

The quality as mentioned in my sneak peek post is amazing.The details on every single one are beautifully done and I just love the bows too, because you know me,I'm obsessed with bows!Again I'll be starting with Jennifer with new and recent pictures added, then I'll go onto the other two :)

These stood out to me so much when browsing through there website, so when they arrived, they were even prettier in person.The frilly design and the two bows of this make it extremely pretty and the amount of detail that has gone into it is amazing.My hips stick out a lot and my bum is fairly big, so I was worried that these wouldn't sit properly without affecting at least one, however they sit perfectly and are so soft too!.These are priced at £9 which is an absolute bargain, and will be repurchasing more, because I just love them!I love the red colour of these and they have a very similar design called Maria.I hope they add more colours to this design too as its a favourite of mine and never seen a design like it :D Purchase here
Next up I have Kim, and I fell in love with these because it has that sexy yet maid design vibe to them.The white lace panels along the side make it extremely pretty, and the white bow is a lovely touch.The material is silky, making them soft and would be comfortable, however with my recent Christmas weight gain, these are a bit tighter mainly around my bum and hips.This isn't an issue with Superpeach at all, its just I got a bit extra food mad during the Christmas period (oops)
Next to the white lace panels, a floral design can be seen, and is also very pretty.The black sheer at the back keeps this simple, yet also elegant too.It amazes me on how much time that has been spent on the amount of detail on these undies so far, refelcting that; again the quality is amazing especially for the £8 which makes it even better.

They can be purchased here

The last one I have to share with you, are these beautiful wine undies called Zara.These have a similar design to Kim, but the design again is very unique and pretty.I wasn't able to fit well in these one's either due to the same reason above, but again this is not a fault with Superpeach and I'm still very happy with these.I love the cross stitching design on the front of this because it gives it that extra sexy feeling.The floral lace panels of each side again have been beautifully designed and the amount of detail that has been put into them is amazing.These are priced at £8 which again is a great price and can be purchased here
Superpeach has become my favourite lingerie outlet, not only for the great quality,the price and the designs, but the owner Naomi is one of the loveliest people I have ever come across, making sure everything was ok with the order, very positive and I just love how much effort and work she puts into Superpeach.Getting the opportunity to work alongside such a lovely person means so much and being able to share it with you guys means even more than you know.Anyway before I get soppy over a blog post (yes I'm that soft), let me know which one is your favourite and if you want me to continuing doing posts like this :)

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