Tuesday 7 March 2017

Karity Highlighter 2nd Edition Palette

This week is going to be all about highlighters, because I've gone a bit crazy on them recently.Karity popped up on my Facebook via a Huffington Post and after seeing the swatches of them, I purchased a palette right away.I decided to go with the 2nd edition, because the weather is starting to heat up in the UK and these have that "summer glow" look to them.Firstly I was pretty impressed with the price, with the highlighters costing only £19.36 and around £5 for it to be shipped from the US.The delivery was super fast too, with it being handed over to Royal Mail once it cleared customs.No customs fees were added and it took just 7 (yes 7) days to be delivered.It came in a box with lots and lots of packaging, which I really appreciated, because receiving a smashed highlighter palette is devastating.
So lets talk about the sleek packaging first, unless you can't wait and want to see the swatches, you'll find them in the next two photo's below.I love the gold against the black and white contrast, and its actually on the front of the palette as well.Its magnetic just like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit, so its easy to open and close.While typing this, I noticed on the "A" of Karity, is an actual face and the whole time I was thinking it was just the letter half missing like that.Oooops.

"Create a stunning highlight effect for a gorgeous shimmering complexion.Apply one or a combination of the 4 exquisite colors to the rim of your cheekbones and blend until given a natural luminescent glow"

I don't know where to start about these highlighters, because I am STILL shocked on how amazing the pigmentation is.It was seeing the swatches in the first place like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, that made me purchase it, but I had no idea that they would be this intense in person.I wanted to capture two pictures of the highlighter shades, one in natural lighting and the other in sunlight, so you can see how pretty they really are.The order of the shades left to right and top to bottom are as follows Delight, Tender, Entice and Beckon.I love all of the shades but my favourite two are Tender and Entice, as Tender is going to be perfect for a summer bronze look and Entice is a beautiful rose gold shade, which we know I'm seriously obsessed with anything rose gold related.

Before I done the arm swatches, I decided to spray some MAC Fix + onto my skin, just so that it was refreshed.The highlighters were even more intense when I swiped it across my arm (just once), and I know its going to be used in conjunction with it when I want more of a glow.Karity recommend to use a damp brush to achieve more of a glow, and in my case I've used it with my ZOEVA Highlighter brush which works a treat.These glide on perfectly with a brush or your finger, it just depends on your preference.They don't smell of anything and are also cruelty free (yaaay!) Out of all the highlighters that I've owned, this palette is definitely in my top 5, alongside the brand ABH.I probably will purchase the 1st Edition Palette, once I've reviewed the Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit, as the shades look similar.

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