Wednesday 15 November 2017

Gossard: Superboost, Gloss & Apex

I love doing these kind of posts, because I really hope it encourages other women to feel a little bit more comfortable in their own skin.I always strive to help other women find brands that not only cater for us ladies on the bigger bust and curvier side, but also brands that provide:
  • Body positivity on all sizes
  • Bra/Boobs Support 
  • High Quality 
  • Reasonably priced
I've used Gossard bras in the past, so you can imagine my happiness when I received an email from them asking if I would like to work with them.This isn't a sponsored post/advertisement either, as this is a brand that I truly love and I wouldn't want to charge them for my work.If you saw my instastory on the day that I received the parcel from them, you will probably remember the huge reaction that I had when I opened it up.I had no idea what Gossard were going to send me and I actually assumed it would only be like one bra or something, but HELL NO I was so so wrong.They were very generous to not only send me 10pieces of lingerie, but when I was totalling everything up when writing this, it came to a total of £244 worth of lingerie!It still hasn't sunk in a week later and I'm so excited to share my thoughts on each set.For reference I'm wearing the bra size 34E and thongs/briefs in M.I recommend going up a band size with Gossard and all of the pieces in this blog post, can be found by clicking HERE
Superboost Lace Deep V Bralet & Superboost Lace Thong:

I've never tried on a bra so fast, because I've been eyeing it for such a long time, but always had issues when it came to bralet's with my large size.This bra is a lot more prettier in person, with the beautiful details of the lace around the cups.Inside the cups, you have mesh side panels, which are designed for support and comfort.Added to that, it has a foam sling inside which helped shape my boobs perfectly in the bra, whether I was laying down or standing up, and offers even more support.The hook and eye detail on the front was extremely easy to do, but I recommend adjusting the straps first or get someone to help you to find out what you're comfortable at.

I was pleasantly surprised on how comfortable this bralet is, despite it also having a lace racerback.I was worried that it was going to dig into my skin and not feel comfortable, but its actually the very opposite.Its nice to spend my chill out days in this bralet without my boobs hurting after an hour and its so soft, I just feel really comfortable wearing it.I didn't have to adjust the straps all the way which is a bonus, but I could of if I wanted to.
The matching thong that I'm wearing is extremely comfortable and I felt that it really flattered my figure along with the bralet.I do have quite wide hips and I was worried this was going to sit awkward on them, but this was not the case at all.It has a little bow on the front, with a gold "G" attached to it which makes it super cute.This set is also available in 4 other colours and prices start from £15-£37, depending on the colour.Below I've listed the direct links to this set:

Gypsy High Apex Plunge Bra & Gypsy Deep Shorts:

This set is a very close favourite to the first one that I reviewed, as its one of my favourite styles.I normally struggle to find plunge bras for my size, because a lot of them lack that "needed" support or they don't shape my boobs right, making them not sit properly.The high lace detail thats gone into this bra is ridiculous and pictures really don't do it justice.The foam pads help enhance and give them a bit of a lift (picture below) but nothing thats obvious or too drastic.The foam also helped to cushion my boobs properly and they felt incredibly comfortable, even when wearing it for the whole day!
The shorts reminded me of a retro design, but are replaced with lace details instead.These flattered my figure really well also, giving my body more of an hourglass shape.I feel like I should of maybe gone up to a L, mainly because I prefer to pull up these designs a little bit higher.The back is completely lace and see through, with a very beautiful floral lace design.I was expecting these to irritate my skin as its all lace, but it didn't at all and again these are extremely comfortable to wear.Both are availible in different colours, which you can find on the links below:

Glossies Sheer Moulded Bras & Glossies Thongs
For this set, I used the gorgeous models from Gossard's website, as these are completely see through and I'm not comfortable with my own body being exposed.Out of everything that I was sent, these are the comfiest to wear and they are extremely soft.The sheer cup is super comfy as it feels really silky when wearing and doesn't irritate at all.The support was my least favourite, mainly because the 34E in this style, seemed to be a little too big for me, so my boobs weren't fully supported.I felt a 34DD would of fitted me better, but this is no fault on Gossard and different bra styles can fit in different sizes.
I'm in love with the thongs because the silky feeling is so comfortable.I get a Hollywood done every 4-6weeks, which they recommend to not wear lace underwear or underwear at all for at least 24hours.I'm someone that is mostly on the move and these are the only ones that I can wear, without it irritating my skin afterwards.Obviously its up to you if you decide to do this or not, but if you're someone like me who gets waxed on the regular and you still want to wear something without irritation, I highly recommend these.

Glossies Lace Sheer Bra & Glossies Lace Briefs:
This is the last set, which is also part of their glossie range.The bra isn't moulded like the previous two and the cups are replaced with a beautiful lace design, instead of a net texture.I had the same issue where the 34E size was a little too big, again this is not Gossards fault.It still offered support and it was super comfortable to wear throughout the day.The lace briefs have the same lace design as the bra and are quite stretchy compared to the rest of the range that I've reviewed in this post.

I love every single piece that was sent to me, despite me not fitting into the Glossies range properly.I've paid so much more money for expensive brands, and none of them come close to the quality, price and support Gossards has to offer.The Superboost Lace Deep V Bralet and Gypsy High Apex Plunge Bra are my favourites and I'll be no doubt wearing them constantly, as they're so comfortable.I hope you've enjoyed this Lingerie Diary on Gossard and has helped you make a decision on buying there products.


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