Monday 15 February 2016

Fallout 4 Pocket Watch

It was only a few days ago that I started to play Skyrim again while taking a break from Fallout, but it was very short lived as my new Fallout watch turned up today.At the time I was struggling to purchase any of the genuine Fallout 4 franchise, because it was quite expensive (sorry Bethesda) and their wasn't anything that I particularly liked.I went on Aliexpress and found this watch selling at a very cheap price for £2.38.The store feedback was very positive, which reassured me so I went ahead and ordered it.

The watch arrived this morning, with it just being over a month to get here, however due to the chinese new year, it took slightly longer but it was certainly worth the wait.The vault number 111 has been perfectly engraved on the front, with the gear surrounding it perfectly engraved too.Depending on the lighting, which you will see in the images provided on this post, it gives off a light/dark bronze chrome colour, and the pictures that are advertised on the website do not do it justice.
The back of the watch has a beautiful floral design, which I wasn't expecting at all, yet I really like it.This has also been engraved very well and don't see any issue of it even getting scratched or coming off in the slightest.I've purchased these type of watches in the past and they always came with a very short chain.This one comes with a 80cm (31inch) chain, and you have the option of either wearing it long or short.Despite the cheap price, its very sturdy and its held in place very well.You also have the option of using your own chain if your not keen on the colour or if its too long for your liking.
Just in case you were wondering, it is an actual watch, its not just for display, and it works really well.It comes with a screen protector, just like the front of the watch does too if you want to prevent it from getting scratched.The handle has a medieval design to it that I feel goes very well with the design on the back of the watch.It ticks fairly loud, so I'd suggest putting it away somewhere after wearing it if your easily annoyed by the sound of ticking.The button at the top of the watch that flips the front (111) down to show the time, isn't flimsy but you have to press quite hard for it to work (image below), which a pattern engraved on it too.

Overall for such a cheap price, I'm really happy with this watch and recommend it for people who are Fallout 4 fans themselves or for their friends, as it would really make a lovely gift.I've provided a link below to the seller page that I purchased this watch directly from, and its regularly on sale between £2-£3, so I would recommend picking one up now before they go up in price.If you have any more questions or want any more images of this watch please let me know :)

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