Friday 30 December 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sweets Glow Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills now have there OWN website available in the UK which means NO MORE CUSTOM FEEEES!I would purchase there products from Sephora and not only was it super expensive paying for the shipping but the customs charges on top for like £10+ was just urgh!But anyway, I wanted to go absolutely nuts on the website, but everything was literally sold out, so I decided to pick up another sweets glow kit on its own, because I wanted to see how long the shipping would take (its free through 2016) and because the sweets glow kit is as an absolute favourite of mine.

I placed an order on the 24th which of course was Christmas eve and the order itself got dispatched on the 26th.It was delivered by DHL on the 28th which I thought was extremely quick as the expected date was the 29th.The parcel itself came from Belgium on which I was confused about because I thought it would of come from a warehouse in London or something, but nevertheless I was extremely happy on how fast it arrived and in secure packaging.
Out of all of the glow kits I've owned, this one has the prettiest packaging in my opinion.The camera was unable to pick it up but the shimmers of glitter on the outer case is so pretty, and the highlighters of this glow kit are gorgeous.When I first saw ABH announce this glow kit, I wasn't going to get it because I thought some of the shades would be too light for me.
The top picture are of the swatches in natural lighting and the second one is with the camera flash.These highlighters are very pigmented and are so creamy, gliding onto the skin with ease.I wanted to show how intense these highlighters are in different lighting and as you can see in the natural lighting photo, they are very intense and bright.
I like to apply these highlighters (and the other glow kits) with the ZOEVA 114 Brush.It packs so much product onto the brush to be used on the cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of the nose and the cupids bow.The bristles are very gentle on the face and its shape make it precise when applying the highlighters.I also own the Anastasia A23 Illuminator brush which can be used with these highlighters and there own illuminators, but I've found it doesn't pack as much product onto the brush like the ZOEVA and its hard to apply on the cupids bow as its a fairly big brush.

Marshmallow- Intense pear with gold reflect
Sassy Grape- Lavender with blue reflect
Butterscotch- Gold with white reflect
Taffy- Gold with white reflect

I love all the shades of these highlighters, but my favourite two are Sassy Grape and Butterscotch.When I first saw Sassy Grape, I thought it would be too pink and light for my complexion, but after swatching it onto my skin, I was in love with the colour.Butterscotch was a colour I knew I would love, because to me its more of a deep gold colour, which is going to be perfect for summer.I'm so happy to be using this highlighter palette again and cannot wait to be creating some makeup looks with it too :)

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