Thursday 2 July 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Ver 1.3.0

This game just keeps feeding to my addiction and I've only been playing it for less than a month.The summer update has finally landed with a whole bunch of new things to discover.I've also included my thoughts on the new update which you can find at the end of this post.I've provided the update notes by Nintendo and also some new things that I've spotted which they haven't included.Feel free to add anything in the comment section if you've spotted something new/fixed

General Updates:
  • Players can now wear a wet suit (can either be purchased from Nook's Cranny or with Nook Miles) and go swimming in the ocean
  • Players can catch sea creatures, which can be donated to the museum
  • New visitors to the island (one is posted later on in this post)
  • New items can be traded with Nook Miles
  • New Seasonal items have been added to the Nook Shopping Catalog (very exciting!), but are only available for a limited time
Fixed the following issues/New unlisted things by Nintendo:
  • The names of several fish have been fixed in Korean and Simplified Chinese (Nintendo)
  • Addressed issues to further ensure an enjoyable gaming experience (Nintendo)
  • The Camera app glitch to hide the HUD interface has been fixed.I'm hoping Nintendo will revert back to it, as a lot of Youtubers would use this to create content for the game
  • Saharah now allows you to make additional purchases without ending the conversation
  • Can no longer jump through waterfalls
I'm going to get down to the basics of what I love so far and what I'm not that keen on personally about the update:
  • You're able to swim around other islands and not just your own, including your friends and random islands
  • Quite a few new sea creatures and underwater items, which can be used to craft new things
  • One new recurring character called Pascal, which I'm sure is doing some wizardry as his beanie doesn't even get wet when swimming?Plus he keeps appearing out of nowhere
  • You don't have to randomly dive to find things, bubbles will show up
  • Different coloured wet suits.So far I've obtained red, blue and green which haven't been customised, but purchased or sent from a friend in the mail
  • Swimming is incredibly slow, to the point that you have to keep spamming the A button to go faster.I've looked on Twitter to see its a common annoyance, but I'm hoping Nintendo have included something later on in the game so you can swim faster
I'll update this later on if I find anything else, but so far its only a small thing thats bothering me and thats just swimming a little too slow.Let me knowhat you think of the new update and what your favourite features are so far :)