Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Goodbye 2018 & Hello 2019

I hate the whole "New Year, New Me" saying, because for most people its just living in the moment during the month of January, and then it goes away.2018 was probably one of the most anxiety challenging years that I've ever had in my life (along those dreaded GCSE exams in my teenage years).I was thrown into a new therapy plan, facing my anxiety head on, a relationship breaking down, health complications that could of killed me and moving out for the first time to name a few.I had to take a few steps back (4months in fact) until I was ready and happy to start blogging again.

This year instead of doing the whole "New Year. New Me" strategy that most people like to do, I've made a promise to myself that I'm going to improve myself further as a person and push myself even more.Last year I made the spontaneous decision to enrol for a Legal Secretary course, and although the course was quite difficult, I passed with a score over 90%.2months during that course, I found out that I was accepted for a property which I applied for and had 3weeks (yep just 3weeks) to pack my stuff up, find £1000+ for fees, removals,travel, and to pass this course.I wasn't even planning on moving out until this year, but I was lucky enough to have the best support and service from the estate agents, which helped me get this apartment.They knew how much I wanted it and that I was very serious about it, so they worked their magic for me to get this place.But onto my plans for the year...
This was a pretty tough lesson to learn, which you're probably sat there scratching your head in confusion on "how on earth is it difficult to relax?".One anxiety and two, I would always take on everyone else's problems instead of my own and leave mine to build up.I have a knack of caring for people too much, which can be seen as a good trait and a bad one.Leaving this overtime can add so much stress, which for me is a massive trigger for my anxiety.I've now learnt how to cope with my anxiety a lot better (3 panic attacks last year!) and to separate everyone else's problems from my own.
It took me a while to get used to it and to not feel guilty, but its achievable.I usually spend a lot of my time playing video games to calm down, but its always been something that I enjoy anyway.On my bad days (or sometimes lazy), I will get myself a sweet treat, wrap myself under a heated blanket and have a Netflix binge. 
Say Goodbye To Toxic People
*Sigh* I had to insert a hot gif at some point on this post and of course I pick Damon since a lot of us have had a crush or an attraction to him at some point and he's also a little bit of a menace too.I've made the mistake in the past thinking toxic and negative people are the same, and it took me a while to remove those in my life that were hurting me more than doing good.Sometimes those around you such as friends and family, may make negative comments when in fact it could be for the best.Maybe you're in a relationship with someone thats cheated numerous times for example, and your friends don't like him because its making you unhappy.You also leave them to pick up the pieces every time, which you shouldn't see as a burden, but its still painful for everybody that loves you.They want the best for you and although I'm someone who never listens to other peoples opinions on my relationship as its my business, but if you cheat on me?
You are GONE!

Toxic people all want the same goal, whether thats you being unhappy, dragging them down to their level or both.I've had a mixture of both and believe me, its mentally draining.You start questioning yourself when it comes to your goals, who you are and start believing that you as a person aren't good enough.It can seriously impact your mood which can result in destroying relationships with others around you.Once you start eliminating these type of people, you'll start to notice that your mood has improved a lot and you don't find yourself worrying as much on what others think of you.
If Love Comes Along, Don't Run In The Opposite Direction

Urgh the dreaded word "love".This one is really personal to me and to be honest, I'm still not really that 100% comfortable with it.I haven't been exactly lucky when it comes to relationships, as I've been cheated on, been in a controlling relationship, and being emotionally hurt.I don't go into new relationships worrying about those, because I've learnt that no matter how happy you may make that person you love, you change them or stop someone from cheating.

I'm also really picky on who I let into my life and being that close, especially since I'd rather be with someone that I really click with on a chemistry level, than just settle for someone that I just "get along with".Its also an opening window of getting to know the person better as well, because the amount of times I've talked to someone that either turns out to be a complete fuckboy or I learn that they sweet talk to numerous girls at one time is a complete TURN OFF!Eventually after talking to someone for a while they start to show their true colours and intentions with you.It happens way too many times (even the ones that look completely innocent), but no one has been able to outdo me when it comes to patience.

I'm always upfront (probably too much at times) on what I want, but its better to know what that person may want too because if you don't share that same goal, it could make the relationship difficult.
More Curly Hair Products Reviews
I know, I've been seriously slacking when it comes to writing up reviews on products for curly hair.The main two reasons because of this, is that my hair needed a break and people in the curly hair community want you to work for "free".When I first started out my blog, I used to spend my pocket money on products and write up my reviews on them.I still do this at times, but since its actually become my job and is very time consuming, people think that its ok for me to work for free.I've really only had this with brands that create products for curly and afro hair types that don't really have a message behind them, which shows that they don't care really.My hair also needed a break for trying all of the products that were being sent to me, as it started to take its toll on my hair by having too much protein.I couldn't accept a collaboration with a brand that wanted me to test protein based hair products, because the results would make my hair more brittle, and the review wouldn't be positive or fair. I already have some brands lined up for the year already which I'm super excited about and I just cannot wait to share the results.I'm also open to taking requests on products that you want me to try out and to give my thoughts on them.

This is probably not even close to what my goals are going to be this year and knowing me I'll add more to this post, but I honestly cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store :)

Monday, 2 July 2018

Get Festival & Summer Ready With Bijoux Indiscrets

Summer is just around the corner, which means festivals, late summer nights, parties and watching the sunset at the beach.This means goodbye knitted jumpers and hello to shorts, dresses, crop tops and bikini's.I always pick my outfit depending on my mood and/or what type of venue that I'm going to.I'm so lucky to be working with Bijoux Indiscrets once again and I'm so excited to be sharing some of my festival outfits with you.

For the last few weeks, I've been watching the show Shadowhunters (yes I know I'm behind) and I can relate to Izzy in so many ways.Her style is my alter ego and if I could, I would wear most of her outfits everywhere.I took her as inspiration for one of the outfits at the IOW festival as the weather was nice and sunny, but not too warm to wear black

Outfit Details:
Fishnet Bra by New Look, (Now only available on Amazon UK), Price: £5, SHOP HERE
Harness With Choker by Bijoux Indiscrets, H Harness Maze Style, Price: £60, SHOP HERE
High Waisted Skinny Jeans by New Look, Price: £17, SHOP HERE

I've never worn a harness in my life, but I've always been intrigued to wear one.I decided to combine it with my strapped caged bra, which has two straps along the top of the chest and two underneath the bra.It combed the whole look together, giving me Izzy Lightwood vibes. Below I've listed some picks that you can also combine the harness with:
1.Basic Grey Jersey Bralette By PrettyLittleThing, (Available in 10colours), Price: £5, SHOP HERE

2.ASOS Design Florence Bra, Price: £20, SHOP HERE For 30A to 36D, SHOP HERE For 30DD-38HH

3.Glad To Sheer It Bodysuit By Nasty Gal , Price: £18, SHOP HERE

4.Mesh Bodysuit By Missguided, Price: £18, SHOP HERE

5.Grey Crop Top By Select Fashion, Price: £2.99, SHOP HERE

6.Nipple Covers By Bijoux Indiscrets, Price: £13, SHOP HERE
Lastly, I wanted to show this beautiful shoulder and body chain that is by Bijoux Indiscrets.I was going to originally wear this with just a festival outfit, but this looked so stunning for a festival date.It looked complicated at first to put on, but with the help of my mum, we got it on perfectly.I've worn it with two dresses, one with straps and the other being off the shoulders.They both look stunning, but I personally prefer the off shoulder design, as it compliments the chest and collarbones.Its availible in two colours which I've linked below:
1.Silver Body Chain: SHOP HERE
2.Gold Body Chain: SHOP HERE

Let me know if you want me to do future fashion posts on my blog again, as I used to do them all the time but then moved it over on instagram :)

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Garnier Original Remedies: Avocado Oil & Shea Butter (Translated To English)

My hair has been extremely dry recently, which I mainly think is due to the UK weather being whack.We've had sun, rain and BOOM out of nowhere, snow!Last week I made my own avocado hair mask with some other natural ingredients and because of the positive results, I thought I'd look online to see if I could fine a leave in.Garnier was one of few that came up and being someone that loves Garnier, I decided to give it a go.At the time of this post, the packaging and image on Amazon was in Spanish, so I've translated it the best I could with the help of Google Translate.This is a mini review, since a UK version has not been released yet and the properties could be different at a later date.

What the bottle says:
  • An Anti-Frizz remedy for unruly hair and difficult to control
  • A recipe for intense nutrition that combines the softening properties of avocado oil and the highly nutritious properties of shea butter
  • Hair nourished, disciplined and easier to style
  • Serum cream provides nutrition and control to your hair.Brighter hair, easier to comb and visibly less frizzy
  • Formulated without parabens 
The texture of the product comes out as a cream, but once you start applying it and rubbing it between your hands, it turns into an oil like texture.It recommends using 1-2 walnut sizes, depending on the length of your hair.I decided to just go with the one, because I didn't want to leave my strands oily and I didn't know how it was going to work with a curling defining product afterwards
This is my hair after leaving it to air dry for 40minutes and without adding a curl defining product.If you're looking for something that leaves the curls moisturised, but with little definition, then I highly recommend it.I feel this product would work great for 2a,2b and 2c curl types, to refresh the curls and to add shine.It didn't cause that much shrinkage on its own which is a good thing when it comes to curly hair, we like to keep our length!There is very little frizz, which is a great achievement, since I didn't follow up with a curl cream.The second time of using it, I put a small amount of curl gel to define my curls a little and to see how well it worked with it.Unfortunately, I haven't found a cream or gel that works alongside it, as its leaves my curls heavy and weighed down (see image below).
The product itself has a slight scent of avocado, but smells more of shea butter.It doesn't last long in the hair which is disappointing, because I personally love the smell of shea butter.
I'm really hoping that Garnier decide to bring out a UK version of this product or something very similar, as its hard to find avocado based hair products online.I know I could make my own (which I do when it comes to hair masks), but I would like something to add as a leave in afterwards that isn't too heavy.You can currently only pick up this product from Amazon for around £5-£7.If I see any other retailers in the UK that stock it, I will update this post below.