Friday 10 June 2016

Brastop: Pour Moi Bikini

The only other time I've worn a bikini was when I was 14-15, because my confidence was at zero and the constant bullying at school didn't help either.I would always cover myself up on holidays, even if that meant that I had to sweat in my skinny jeans and jumper, I was not confident with my body image at all.I'm now 23 and I now understand that everyone is going to judge you no matter what you do or what you look like, as long as your not harming anyone what is the problem?Following from that, I've been trying to help other women feel comfortable in there skin and finding lingerie to suit there body shapes.As this has been a right hit and we're now into the summer season, I wanted to help even more by adding swimwear and I knew I had to get over my insecurity when it came to wearing a bikini.I purchase the majority of my items from Brastop who have a massive range that support varies sizes, including fanastic prices and great customer service as well.I was very lucky to of been sent this bikini set (my choice) by Brastop and I'm so grateful to them because of this.
If you've been following my lingerie posts for a while now, you would of noticed how much weight I have gained, especially around the stomach and thigh areas.This had me worried at first, but I didn't know if this bikini set would flatter my figure or not.My parcel arrived after one day of dispatch and as always, it comes packaged in the lovely Brastop paper.Taking the bikini out to have a real look, I was instantly in love with the retro design and couldn't wait to try it on.
I normally fit into a 32DD-32E bra's but because bikini tops tend to be fairly tight, I decided to go for a 34DD size, just to be safe.This size fits me perfectly and can be adjusted by the straps if need be.It doesn't have any padding, which is great for me personally as I really don't need to make my boobs anymore big than they already are.It has a secure slide in clip at the back, which I'm normally not keen on as I find them fiddly, however the bikini stayed on the whole time not flinging anywhere (like poor Barbara Windsor below).
The bikini bottoms I decided to order in the size 12 instead of my normal size 10, because of the weight gain going to my thighs.These sat perfectly on my hips, and flattered my figure, which I was really happy about and really boosted my confidence.The little red bow knots on both of them are incredibly cute and can be removed from the bottoms.Both items are very comfortable and the quality are pretty good too.Brastop currently have both of these items on offer, with the Bikini Top for £15.95 and the Bikini Briefs for £10.95
This really has been a great experience to not only receive a lovely Bikini set, but the confidence that it has given me, and this is all thanks to Brastop and also you readers too for your support.I am grateful every single day for these opportunities that I've been given and I know I've said this so many times, but you all mean so much to me.Thanks again for all of you support! xxxx 

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