Sunday 7 August 2016

Kiko Milano Cosmetics Haul

I came across the brand Kiko Milano last month, and it was perfect timing too as they were offering free express shipping.Kiko Milano is an Italian professional cosmetics brand, that specialises in makeup, face and body treatments.What makes it unique is that they've developed products to suit all skin tones and skin types, whilst being at a very reasonable price.For animal lovers, none of there products are tested on animals. YAAAAAAAY!

Because this was my first time in trying this brand, I decided to order myself two water eyeshadows (that are highly recommended) and 8 nail varnishes.3 nail varnishes were for myself, while the other 5 were for a birthday gift.Each nail varnish was on sale for £1 from £3.90, which I thought was a pretty good bargain.I went for the nail strengthener and quick dry polish, and both of them work great.The shade Metallic Pink Microglitter (second from the left), is my top favourite as its like a glittery rose pink and it actually lasts for a long time, just for £1.My nails weren't stained or left dry after removing it too which I find happens with the majority of nail varnishes these days, even the expensive ones.

The next two items I added to my basket were two water eyeshadows, that are both very similar so I decided to post just the one image.I'm not a huge fan of eyeshadows but this one really stood out to me and seeing that the majority of customers use it as a highlighter as well, I couldn't say no.I've never seen an eyeshadow this gold yet so pigmented, just for £8.90.The pigmentation (and I'm in no way exaggerating here) is beyond ridiculous.I would even say its right up there with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits, and I'm going to be ordering more once I've decided on what shades to get.They currently have 25 shades and at the time of this post, a few shades are on sale for £4.40!.I also nearly forgot to mention that these can be applied wet or dry, depending on what look your going for.This is in the shade Champagne (200).The other shade I got was rosy taupe (201), which is more of a pinky gold, but it is more suitable for paler skin tones, whereas this one works great for tanned skin.
I was so happy with everything from my first order, I placed a second one straight away.This time I wanted to try out there skincare range, as everything looked very promising.They have 6 ranges for different skin types, so there is something for everyone.I decided to go for the Hydra Pro range, because not only is it designed for moisturising and protecting your skin, but also giving your skin that beautiful natural glow.I purchased 2/5 of this range to start off, to see how well I got on.
The first product I tried was the Hydra Pro Glow, which is a brightening moisturising cream, that protects your skin from oxidative stress and leaves your skin with a healthy glow.The texture is described as pink on the website, but its more of a medium beige colour.This doesn't affect the change of colour on the skin, it mainly gives your skin that glow/shimmery complexion.When applied, my skin soaked up the cream, making it a good base to apply my NARS foundation.My foundation blended in so much better with my Real Techniques Expert Brush leaving me with a smooth and natural glow finish.To finish up the look, I took the champagne eyeshadow I mentioned earlier, and applied a small amount on my eyelids.To highlight my cheekbones slightly, I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in the shade Summer.For the lips I used MAC's Russian Red for that perfect bold red lip.
This is hands down my favourite moisturiser cream to create that summer/natural glow look, and I only needed two small pumps for my face.Its beautifully scented with musk and rose, which isn't overpowering at all.Its non-comedogenic, which means it won't cause blocked pores and is also paraben free.This cream is currently retailed at £20.90, but is 100% worth every penny and will be lasting me for a very long time considering that I only need two small pumps to moisturise and protect my skin.
Lastly (and I so apologise for this scary mask photo) is the Hydra Pro Mask.This is a lot cheaper, selling at £8.90, which I thought was a pretty good deal.The only other face mask I've used in the past year is Superdrugs own which retails at 49p-89p, so this mask really had to do something amazing for me to repurchase.As with all the Kiko products that I've purchased so far, I'm in love with the packaging with it being very sleek and easily accessible.What attracted me to this mask is that it states it leaves your skin highly luminous and I've never found a face mask in my life that achieves this.I used it for the first time today, using 3pea sized amounts for it to cover my whole face.My face instantly had that cooling sensation and I could feel it working its magic straight away.I kept it on for 15minutes, before removing it with a soaked cotton pad.My entire face was left refreshed, soft and slightly radiant.I haven't felt the need to apply a moisturiser or anything because my skin feels so moisturised, that I don't want to overdo it.The prickly pear extract and shea butter work great together by leaving your skin incredibly soft to touch.This mask is also non-comedogenic and paraben free, whilst also scented with musk and rose too.Although I've had a fairly good result with using it for the first time, I think I need to try it out a few more times until I begin to see a difference as stated on the packaging.

My experience with Kiko Milano has been very positive so far and they're definitely a brand that I'll be recommending to everyone.I love the fact that there products work so much better than other brands that are much more expensive, and the results are fantastic.The customer service is great too (especially on twitter), as they respond fairly quickly and go that extra mile to sort out your problems.The delivery is very quick (even just the standard), and although its stated on there website that standard delivery isn't tracked, I can confirm that it is indeed tracked.Is it worth paying the extra £7 for express delivery?Yes if you want to receive your parcel within 3-5days, but they sometimes do both deliveries free, so its always worth looking out for that offer.Other than that, I'm very happy with Kiko Milano, and cannot wait to purchase more items.If there are any products that you'd like me to review by them, let me know :)

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