Friday 7 April 2017

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Day & Night Palettes

Makeup Revolution are a well known brand when it comes to providing outstanding products for such an affordable price.Scrolling through my Instagram feed a couple of days ago, these two palettes popped up on my news feed, and I purchased them both within 5minutes with next day delivery.It wasn't just the beautiful shades that caught my attention, but it was also the beautiful packaging that they come in that made me really want to buy them.Both palettes come in sleek boxes, with a pretty lace pattern along the outside.
I had to blow up these pictures so you could see on how beautiful the packaging is.The small clutch design is perfect to carry in your bag if you want to touch up that eye makeup or some of the shades can be used as a highlighter, especially in the night palette.They also both come in velvet pouches corresponding to the clutch shade, just in case you want that extra protection and to keep it clean.The pigmentation of both are very intense (as shown below), however 2 of the first shades from the day palette need to be swatched at least 3-4 times until they show up properly.
I love both these palettes, but the night palette is my favourite.You can use the first two shades from the night palette as highlighters if you wanted too, as well as eyeshadows.The brushes that come included pick up the product very well, but I personally prefer to use my fingers or my Morphe brush when it comes to applying and blending.I swatched both palettes with my finger and swiped only once, apart from the first two shades from the day palette that had to be swiped 3-4times.Both of these just retail for £8 each, £8!I'm so glad that I picked these up and highly recommend anyone that loves ditsy little packaging with intense pigmentation, should pick these up!The links to purchase them are provided below:

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