Saturday 26 November 2016

Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation Medium 57 Warm

I've been somewhat good during this Black Friday week and only purchased just ONE item, throughout all the crazy bargains.Debenhams had her entire range with a 10% off discount, which gave me more reason to get this foundation.I had to completely guess my foundation shade by looking at Youtube videos and swatches, deciding on the shade medium 57 after 4hours.You can get a whole list of the shades, including the corresponding undertones on her website.

I didn't have an idea of what the packaging looked like, because the videos that I looked at were just applying the foundation to there faces, so when I took it out of the box, I was pretty amazed with it.The Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation was one of my favourites to look at and didn't think any foundation packaging came close, but the Kat Von D is so much prettier.The beautiful black roses go around the whole bottle and the little plastic cap is a different way to use as a lid to stop anything from leaking.
Its described as a full coverage, 24hour wear and transfer resistant matte finish foundation.I'm not normally a massive fan of matte finish foundations, mainly because I think it leaves the face looking dry.Shaking the bottle to make sure everything is mixed, I pressed on the pump 3-4times until the foundation came out onto my hand.Looking at it on my hand, it looked so orange and I began to worry.Everyone has said (and proved) that only a little bit is needed to go a long way, so I just used the one pump to try out.

Dabbing dots on my face, I began blending it with my oval brush, to which it now started to look yellow.Its very easy to blend, not looking streaky at all, and I was just so worried that I was going to look like a simpson at the end of it.It didn't feel heavy on the face, but I wanted to see if it did once it had set properly.After applying with just the one pump, I left it a few minutes to see what the end results were going to be, since a few people have commented that this foundation oxidises. 

Looking at my skin in the mirror, I was pleasantly surprised with the results.Not only was my skin left looking completely flawless, but the foundation had matched to my own skin tone.I could not believe the smooth finish at all, and ended up sitting in front of my ringlight to see how it really looked, because it can really show the results.I thought I'd do the rest of my makeup, so I applied a little bit of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun dipped Glow Kit Summer on my cheekbone, L'Oréal Million Lashes Mascara in Extra Black, Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer in nude, Maybelline Master Contour in Medium and Huda Beauty Liquid Matte in Heartbreaker. 

Quite a few youtubers and bloggers have mentioned that this foundation begins to break down or cause the face to get really oily after wearing this foundation for a few hours, however I didn't have this issue and the foundation actually outlasted my red liquid matte lipstick.It is a matte finish foundation, but leaves the skin looking flawless with a nice natural finish.I wore the foundation for a total of 10hours and not once did it transfer, not even on my white robe which was the ultimate test.The only negative for this foundation, is that when you pump it out, it smells a bit like dry paint.I love the smell of paint when its wet, but this smell is a turn off, but it does go away once you blend it.
At this stage, I'm very happy with this foundation and its also a added bonus that none of Kat Von D's makeup is tested on animals.Its going to be a foundation I use along my other favourite, which is the NARS Luminous Weightless Foundation, which has a completely different finish (review here).If I had to pick out of the two though, I would 100% go with Kats, because it does exactly what it states on the bottle and is the only foundation to leave my skin looking beyond flawless, leaving me very happy.Can be purchased from Debenhams in the UK and Sephora internationally .

To find your shade if your local store doesn't stock this brand, I've provided the list of shades with the corresponding undertones below to help you.I was very lucky with mine, especially since the undertones did match mine, but having a look at videos, swatches and the list below should help you find your shade.

Light 41 Neutral- Fair ivory with neutral undertone
Light 42 Neutral- Fair porcelain with neutral undertone 
Light 43 Warm- Fair linen with warm undertone
Light 44 Cool- Fair alabaster with cool undertone
Light 45 Neutral- Light beige with neutral undertone
Light 45 Warm- Light beige with warm undertone
Light 46 Cool- Light taupe with cool undertone
Light 47 Neutral- Light bisque with cool undertone
Light 48 Neutral- Light sand with neutral undertone
Light 49 Neutral- Light apricot with neutral undertone

Medium 52 Neutral- Medium bisque with neutral undertone
Medium 52 Warm- Medium bisque with warm undertone
Medium 53 Neutral- Medium beige with neutral undertone
Medium 53 Warm- Medium beige with warm undertone
Medium 54 Neutral-Medium sesame with neutral undertone
Medium 54-Medium complexion with yellow beige undertone
Medium 56 Neutral- Medium almond with neutral undertone
Medium 57 Warm- Medium golden with warm undertone (My shade!)
Medium 58-Medium complexion with pink beige undertone
Medium 58 Neutral- Medium honey wth neutral undertone
Medium 59 Neutral- Tan acorn with neutral undertone
Medium 62 Warm- Tan caramel with warm undertone
Medium 64 Neutral- Tan taupe with neutral undertone
Medium 65 Warm- Tan toffee with warm undertone

Deep 67 Cool- Deep cinnamon with cool undertone
Deep 71 Warm- Deep copper with warm undertone
Deep 72- Deep complexion with pink beige undertone 
Deep 74 Warm- Deep chestnut with warm undertone
Deep 76 Warm- Deep hazelnut with warm undertone
Deep 78 Neutral- Deep sycamore with neutral undertone
Deep 81 Cool- Deep espresso with warm undertone

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