Garnier Ultimate Blends Face/Body Balm & Body Butter

Following from the Garnier Ultimate Blends Lotion Review, I picked up these two from Superdrug while on sale for £2.89 each.I decided to pick up the restoring body butter too because I just love anything that has honey infused and love having that extra nourishment for the skin.I'm going to begin with a review on the soothing balm first, as its a followup from the lotion, then onto the restoring butter.Please note that this is a very detailed review and would be best to use a PC/Desktop View

"In our most comforting blend to soothe, hydrate and protect the dry and sensitive areas of the whole family.Garnier Ultimate Blends has blended 2 ulta-caring ingredients: restoring oat milk, and soothing white almond cream.For fragile and sensitive areas on the face and body.Non greasy,non sticky and no parabens"

The reason I purchased this despite having great results with the lotion, was because this can be applied to the face.I've been using Garnier's Moisture Match Moisturiser for years now, and its difficult to get hold of the one I normally use, so I needed a back up just in case Garnier decide to dis-continue it.I'm also loving the fact that you have a choice to either use this balm on your face or body, and it comes in a reasonable sized pot too so you can scoop out what you need without things getting a bit messy.When you remove the lid, it has a seal on top to save any of the product from going everywhere, which in my luck due to the item being on its side during transit, you can see in the next image below that none of it leaked anywhere.The scent is amazing, less perfumed vanilla-ary (is that even a word?) and smells more like a mixture of shea butter and vanilla.The texture is a lot different from the lotion, being more like thick balm, as the title suggests, but is still easily soaked up by the skin and is instantly moisturised.I first tried it on my feet, because feet can tend to get more dry than other area's of the body, and my skin was soothed straight away, I couldn't stop touching them, and believe me I hate my own feet!.The part I was excited and worried about was putting it on my face, because nothing is worse than having a reaction on your face, with it getting all red, spotty and irritated.I took a pea size and applied it to my chin, because that was the least area I was worried about getting a reaction.Leaving it for a few minutes, I felt a cooling/soothing sensation which was really nice, so I took a few more and dotted it around other parts of my face.That sensation was all over my face within a few minutes, and my skin felt so smooth.

This leaves my skin in such a better condition than the moisture match, leaving it incredibly smooth and moisturised.It is fairly rich which it does state on the back, so I'm not sure if its going to be to much for the skin making it oily after using it for a few weeks, but only time will tell.I'll also do a makeup test later to see how well this works as a base, but I honestly think it will make the foundation streaky, just by how rich it is.Other than that, it delivers exactly what it is intended to do and I'm very happy with the results. Available to buy here
Now onto the Restoring Body Butter, which I couldn't wait to test out on my skin and write a review about it.This is more directed for those that have very dry skin or are wanting that extra nourishment.

"In our new restoring butter tailor- made for very dry skin, we have blended 3 incredible treasures from the beehive: Restoring Royal Jelly, Protecting Propolis and Soothing Honey.This rich and luxurious butter leaves your skin feeling deeply replenished.Non greasy, non sticky and no parabens"

So like I mentioned at the start, I was really excited to try this because I love products that have honey infused ingredients and having that extra nourishment on a pamper day.I've used royal jelly hair based products on my hair before that always gave tremendous results, so having this as one of the key ingredients for the skin got me super excited.Upon unscrewing the lid, you can smell the honey straight away, and I was picking my brains all day because it smelt very similar to another product that I used to own.After about 4hours trying to figure it out, I finally got the answer: Herbal Essences Bee Strong Hair Mask.If you've used that mask, it smells the exact same and also smells so good, as the Herbal Essences mask was so strong and would sometimes leave me with a headache, but Garnier have got this perfect.The texture is very similar to the soothing balm, with it just being a bit more thick, but it also has a very jelly like texture.At first I was worried it was going to leave that sticky feeling afterwards, but once I applied it to my other foot, it was left feeling so soft.This left my skin feeling more nourished which is understandable as its directed towards very dry skin, however it is not as rich as the soothing balm. Available to buy here

By only having these two products in less than 24hours, they've worked tremendously for my skin and out of the two, the body butter is my favourite.I haven't come across any negatives at this stage, but if I do come across any, I will add them to this post.The balm in my opinion moisturised and soothes the skin a lot more compared to the lotion, but this maybe down to how rich it is.The body butter is going to become one of my essential products for when I have a pamper or when my skin needs that extra nourishment.Two fantastic products again by Garnier :)

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