Tuesday 28 November 2017

Pandora Joined Together Heart Charm-The Jewel Hut

This is my first charm that I've ever had by the brand Pandora, which was kindly gifted to me by The Jewel Hut to review.I took a trip to my local Pandora store the next day (first time visit), as I wanted to find out what sized bracelet I would need if I ever wanted one in the future.The team at the Isle Of Wight Pandora store were so lovely and helpful, answering any questions that I had and made me feel super welcome.I ended up purchasing a charm bracelet right there and then, because I just fell completely in love with it after trying it on in-store and felt it matches the charm perfectly.
This charm features two hearts, with the smaller one having little gemstones on it.Its very pretty and I feel that it matches perfectly against the silver bracelet, compared to the rose gold one which I nearly purchased instead.
Being someone thats very new to Pandora when it comes to charms, my opinion of them has changed a little.I always had the impression that Pandora charged too much for there charms and that they were overly hyped.I can 100% say that this charm in particular is worth the price tag, because not only is the quality of the charm really high, its beautifully designed as well.I would be happy to just have this one charm on my bracelet and leave it at that, but I've been told that once you have one charm, its hard to stop adding more.

You can purchase this charm from The Jewel Hut, along with many other Pandora items and jewellery.I've had other items from them before, with the delivery being super fast and reliable.

Moments Silver Bracelet, PANDORA Rose Heart Clasp

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