Monday, 20 February 2017

L'Oréal Paris Fine Flowers Toner First Impressions

L'Oréal have just released another new range over here in the UK called "Fine Flowers".The range consists of 2x Cleansing wipes for dry/sensitive and normal/combination skin, gel cream wash, cleansing milk, toner and a cleansing cream which is being released very soon.I decided to pick up just the toner, because I'm not really a fan of cleansing wipes and I wanted to compare it to my L'Oréal Micellar Water.

"The L'Oréal Paris Laboratories have selected and combined extracts of Rose and Jasmine Flowers, in a toner for soft, comfortable and fresh skin, every day.The fresh texture invigorates the skin and eliminates the last of traces of impurities, for perfectly cleansed complexion"

This product contains rose and jasmine, which are two very good ingredients that benefit the skin.Rose is good for soothing and providing comfort to the skin, whilst Jasmine is good from protecting the skin and providing moisture.I would say my skin type is usually normal, but can get dry sometimes due to stress, so this would be perfect for my skin when this happens.I use Superdrug's own round cotton pads as they are extremely soft on the skin and soak up a lot of excess product.This toner is fairly thick and you only need a little bit of it as it evens itself out on the cotton pad.It is a highly perfumed product and if you've used the skin perfection toner, its a little bit stronger than that, scent wise.
I want to apologise firstly on how awful those bags under my eyes look.I got zero sleep because of my anxiety and I was generally just feeling "blargh".The toner does feel lovely and gentle on the skin, despite the really strong perfumed smell.When I first used it, I decided to try it with some makeup that I had on to see how it removed it, but the results weren't that impressive.The second time round, I used it on clean skin and I was really surprised on how much dirt that it removed.My nose area tends to be quite sensitive, and it did feel like it was a little bit irritated, but this is normal for me, so just carried on with my morning routine.To moisturise my skin, I used my L'Oréal Skin Perfection cream, which I 100% swear by as one of the best face creams and finished off with a light foundation.My skin started to feel quite irritated around the nose again later on in the day, but I just decided to ignore it because it wasn't bothering me that much.
The next morning, I touched my face and felt a really horrible pain around my nose area.I looked in the mirror to find a massive boil like spot, and the image above of it was the day after, because it was too ugly to show the full on spot.Although spots are horrible to pop up on the face, I felt this was good because this toner had done its job by removing the "impurities".I'm not joking, the first day that spot popped up, it was extremely painful, like it really did feel like a boil that was ready to explode.I've somehow resisted popping it, because I wanted to see how it went down by itself, and if the toner would aggravate it in any way.I used it again this morning and the although the spot is still sore, its gone down quite a lot.L'Oréal recommend to not use this around the eyes, but of course I didn't see this as I was in a hurry to use it, and surprisingly, it didn't irritate my eye area.I think this is mainly due to how perfumed this is and it wouldn't be a good idea as it could easily irritate the eye area, but in my experience I didn't get any irritation at all.
I removed my makeup last night with the Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover and removed any dirt with the L'Oréal Micellar Water.My skin was clean and clear, so I was shocked to find this on the cotton pad this morning when I used the fine flowers toner.My skin felt so clean after using it and it was kinda disgusting seeing that dirt on the cotton pad, despite cleaning my face the night before.I know its possible to pick up dirt on your skin while you sleep and it can't be avoided, but I was still surprised on how much dirt was on that cotton pad.
To finish off, I went in with my Skin Perfection cream to add that extra moisture and protection to the skin.I've also decided to not wear any makeup today, just so I can give that spot some breathing space, but I did apply some on the day it was a "raging spot" and makeup didn't seem to aggravate it.I'm actually really impressed with this toner, because it really does remove the impurities of the skin and any dirt that you may of thought that you removed.This toner only made me break out with one spot, but I'm ok with that because I'm prone to getting dirt buildup in the pores around my nose area, that anywhere else.Its currently on sale at Superdrug and Boots for £3.99, but I'm still very happy with the £5.99 that I paid for it.If I see any change in my skin, good or bad, I'll make sure to update this blog post to let you know :)


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