Thursday 20 April 2017

L'Oréal Paris Miss Baby Roll Mascara With Free L'Oréal Satin Eye Mask

I've been meaning to be purchasing a new mascara for ages, after my L'Oréal False Lash Superstar ran out.Although I was really happy with the Superstar, I was seeing a lot of hype about this one and I waited a few weeks until some reviews came out about it.Boots are currently doing an offer (at the time of this post), that you get a free eye mask with any of the Miss Baby Roll Mascara's, so that sold me for my pamper days.

The packaging of this mascara is pretty cute and vibrant.Depending on the colour of the mascara you choose, the bottom half of the tube will reflect that colour, so in my case, the bottom half of the tube is black.The formula is very different from all of the previous mascara's that I've used by L'Oréal, for example the the False Lash Superstar and Volume Million Lashes.Its very very thick, and upon taking it out of the tube, a lot of the product was left on the brush.I had to put the excess amount back in the tube, because there was nooooo way that I was going to be left with spider eyes.Using the amount that was left over on the brush, I applied the "roller brush" as described by L'Oréal to my eyelashes, moving back and forth from root to tip as recommended.
I'm in love with the design of this brush and it kind of reminds me of the twister ice cream as it twirls all the way to the tip.Its a very easy applicator to put on, however you only need a very small amount to achieve voluminous eyelashes.After applying it just the once, my lashes were left with a beautiful natural looking curl, but after brushing it root to tip as recommended, it started to leave them looking a bit clumpy.This isn't really a fault with the mascara in my opinion, I probably still used a little too much and you only need the smallest amount to achieve full looking lashes.
It dries very quickly, so this might of been why it left them looking a bit clumpy as I went to re-apply another layer after about a minute.It hasn't transferred or left any dark circles under my eyes, despite touching my eyes a lot during the day.To remove this mascara, I highly recommend using the Nivea Essentials Eye Makeup Remover, which is my personal favourite to remove any strong staying powered products.For the price of £7.99, I think its very reasonably priced and I would of thought it would be around the £10-£12 mark.You can pick this mascara up from many beauty retailers, but if you want to get your hands on the beautiful, satin soft eye mask, its only available at Boots

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