Sunday 12 February 2017

L'ORÉAL Elvive Extraordinary Oil: Curl Nourishment

L'Oréal has been stepping up there game recently, by not only adding more foundation shades to cater for us medium and darker skin toned folks, but now a range our curly, afro, kinky hair too.This range has been out for a little while, but its either selling out completely or the store don't stock it.I couldn't find it at my local Boots and Superdrug, so when I saw it available at Amazon, I picked it up so fast.I decided to just pick up the cleansing conditioner, along with the hair masque, because I'm perfectly happy with the current shampoo that I've got and the shampoo has been getting quite a lot of negative reviews.I owned the original Extraordinary Oil range and although my hair loved it at the beginning, it got to the point where my hair was feeling extremely yucky from the buildup after longterm use.My curls are a mixture of 3a/3b/3c
The packaging is always on point when it comes to L'Oréal, and I'm really glad that they decided to shape the bottle like the Kérestase Curl Ideal Cleansing Conditioner, that are also owned by L'Oréal.I've found with this new design that its so much easier to pump the product out, instead of shaking the bottle to get the product out like the old packaging.It was also a nuisance to stand the product on the cap, and the product had hardened, making it a mess and wasting the product (shown below).You don't have this issue with this new designed bottle, however L'Oréal have kept the same styled bottle for the other conditioner in this range, so thats something to keep in mind.The masque is the exact same design like the others which I'm glad that they've kept, because its easy to just scoop the amount of product that you want out of the pot, and screw the lid back on with zero mess.The original conditioner bottle is shown below and its grim:

  • Ultra gentle wash: The texture cleanses without foaming and gently dissolves impurities without stripping the hairs natural oils.Curls look more defined and protected against frizz
  • Instant detangling and infinite bounce: The ultra caring balm, infused with Amla Oil and 6 precious flower oils, envelops each fibre.Curls look transformed, feeling nourished and perfectly detangled with flexible bounce

I've been through a lot of conditioners, even the expensive Kérastase products as mentioned in this post, but this cleansing conditioner does such a good job for the price.Before using this product, I want to point out that I had not washed my hair properly for 2weeks, because I had the flu.I had to constantly just apply product after product to keep it moisturised and you can imagine the amount of build up that was sitting on my scalp and hair.The cleansing conditioner doesn't foam like it says on the bottle, but you can seriously feel it working its magic on the hair.In the photo above, that is just one pump, but for me, I need at least two pumps to work for the whole of my hair.Its recommended to massage onto the scalp, whilst combing or finger detangling to separate the curls.I always use my trusty Denman or Lily England paddle brush for this, as they don't tug on the hair at all.After doing that for about a minute, I washed my hair with luke warm water, which was super easy to wash out and my scalp was left feeling very clean.My hair wasn't left feeling dry or stripped and smelt so delicious.If you're not a fan of the scent from the original extraordinary oil range, you might like this one because they smell completely different and has more of a floral scent to it.I feel this cleansing conditioner can just work well on its own like a co-wash, but if you're wanting that extra hair treatment or nourishment, I would follow up with the hair masque from this range.I will be switching to this cleansing conditioner once my Kérastase runs out, because I prefer this L'Oréal one more and I'll be saving pennies.
  • The ultra rich formula infused with Amla Oil and 6 precious flower oils.The Curl Nourishment Masque envelops each fibre providing supreme nourishment without weighing the hair down
  • The supple buttery texture and luxurious fragrance restores softness,  increases elasticity and provides intense shone to your curls
I've only ever used 3 other L'Oréal hair masques, with the first one being the original Extraordinary Oil, which left my hair only a little bit soft.The second was the Extraordinary Summer Saviour Oil Masque which I absolutely hated for so many reasons, that I wrote a review here of my awful experience.The third was the Full Restore 5 Masque which I absolutely loved, but its so hard to find a store that stocks it, so I assume L'Oréal have discontinued it which is a shame.This Curl Nourishment Masque has again shocked me on how amazing it really is, especially for the price.Its an extremely thick product, but literally melts like butter onto your hair and feels so good just applying it.The scent reminds me of the Full Restore 5 Masque, being a little bit stronger but nothing too bad to make you feel nauseous.The directions on this masque made me laugh though, because it says to apply a walnut sized amount to the hair...Walnut size....Out of all of my curly, kinky, afro, long, short haired friends (including myself), we have NEVER just needed a walnut sized amount.We need so much more for our hair types and this isn't me bashing L'Oréal, because believe me I saw the funny side of it, but seriously though, walnut size?
I admit, I did try applying just a walnut sized amount on my hair, because its not gonna hurt right?but like I predicted, I needed at least another 2-3scoops for my thick curls.It recommends to then leave it on for 2-3minutes which sounded good to me, so I went to go cuddle my cats until it was time to rinse it out.This masque was incredibly easy to wash out, like it was melting away from my hair strands.My hair was not only left extremely soft with a lot of moisture and no frizz, but I had some definition going on too!I wanted to make sure that this definition was going to stay though, beause you can't have too much definition, so I applied my favourite curl product which is the Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker.
I had such a good hair day on that day, that I was comfortable with just having my hair down and being able to take pictures for my other blog posts.My hair only got a little bit of frizz on top which is mainly my fault, because I couldn't stop touching my hair.I'm so shocked at how well these two products worked on my hair and how they left me with such great results.The prices vary between each retailer, but sell from just £1.98-£5.99 each, which is a fantastic price, especially since I've spent so much more on other brands that don't leave my hair feeling and looking this good.Although I'm intrigued to try the shampoo and conditioner from this range, I'm currently very happy with just the two of these.I think it would be interesting to see L'Oréal releasing a curl cream, oil or spray for this range like the others.

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