Thursday 3 March 2016

Mirina Collections Scam Update

On the 31st January 2016, I put a post up regarding the company "Mirina Collections" being a scam, showing the evidence as of why.They claim that there jewellery is all handmade themselves, and charge between $30-$200 (£21-£142) for it plus the added shipping $15 (£10) on top.I was approached by them on Instagram on becoming one of there ambassadors or as one of there "Mirina Girls", and I pretty much nearly fell for it.After doing some research (which you can find here), the necklaces are in fact made in China and cost only about £5 ($7).The image above is the necklace that I ordered from China costing me only £4.76 for this design, with Mirina Collections charging $49 (£34).I wanted to make other people fully aware that Mirina Collections are ripping off so many people, and that people need to know that you should NOT purchase from this company at all!If you know anyone who has been approached or they're thinking of getting items from them, warn them not to!I've provided two more images of the necklace so you can see them in more detail.The link below has all of the necklaces(including this one) ranging between £4-£6.Purchase here

UPDATE 4th March: In less than 24hours, Mirina Collections have blocked me on Instagram, in an attempt from stoping me from contacting curious customers from purchasing from them.Little do they know (unless they are reading this of course,HI!) is that I still do have access to there Instagram page and I'm still capable of warning others.Nice try ;) (More updates below pictures)
UPDATE 12th March: At the beginning of this post, I mentioned that the necklace was on sale at Mirina Collections for around $30-$200 (£21-£142).Now with the most recent set price AND with added screenshots, they're charging $129 (£91) for the "Andy" necklace. I purchased the same one from Aliexpress for £4.41 ($6.24).What a massive difference!I've also provided the screenshot where it says "Handcrafted" and "Made To Order".Since uploading this post, I've had so many emails and comments on my instagram posts with other girls coming forward, and passing on the message to warn others!DO NOT ASSOCIATE YOURSELVES WITH THIS COMPANY!

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