Monday 29 February 2016

Detangling my hair method/routine

De-tangling curly hair can be a right pain in the bum, especially if your hair is thick and is prone to getting matted when you wake up in the morning.Lots of people swear by the pineapple method for maintaining you curls for an extra couple of days, and unfortunately for me it doesn't work,because my hair gets extremely matted the next morning.I mainly de-tangle my hair on days where my hair needs a good comb through, my anxiety is playing up, or on the rare occasion, having nothing to do.This morning, it was down to my anxiety being up and down, so I decided to detangle my hair to focus my mind on something else.
The method I use to detangle my hair which I get the best results with, is holding it up with one hand like a ponytail, whilst combing/brushing it with the other.I prefer doing this rather than actually tying it up in a ponytail, so it doesn't get all matted around the hairband, which with hair like mine, is inevitable.It works great for me on dry hair too since going natural and reducing the protein in hair products.The two main tools I use for my hair when it comes to detangling is the: Denman D31 Brush & A Standard Tooth Comb.The Denman is mainly used when my hair is wet and to define my curls, whereas the comb is only used to detangle.For this routine only the comb was used (pictures below) on the two hair tools.
Starting at the front of my hair, I gently comb upwards, as I have new hair growth coming through and don't want to rip it out.Getting as close to the roots as possible, I comb backwards towards my hand thats holding my hair, using it as a halfway point, throughly combing until it goes all the way through.The next section, which is the ponytail, I always tend to get knots in and takes a little longer for it to detangle.For the curls that are on the outside, I comb downwards, not away from me, because this makes it more difficult in reaching the ends that end up having the knots at the end.The curls underneath, I do the same, and brush upwards on the root to give it that extra volume.

Once everything is detangled and my hair is looking all poofy, I apply some raw organic extra vigin coconut oil to moisturise and reduce any frizz that I have left over.This also leaves my hair extremely soft and even more manageable, despite it not defining my curls.Depending on what I have planned for the rest of the day, it goes up in a high bun for errands and with a headband if staying indoors.

Comparing to the first and second image in this post, the knots/tangles have been reduced, whilst the frizz has too, thanks to the coconut oil.This routine has worked for my hair better than any other routine I've tried and believe me I've tried a lot.If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or pop an email over :)

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