Monday 14 March 2016

Digimon Dusk: Childhood Memories

I always love revisiting my childhood, especially when it comes to games as I pretty much grew up around them, right up to this day.With Pokémon being one of my top franchises, Digimon was also my favourite, especially when it came to Digivices which were a lot like Tamagotchis, and the highly addictive Digimon games on the PlayStation 1 and Nintendo DS.I decided to repurchase Digimon Dusk since my old one stopped working, picking it up for just £9.68, paying extra for first class signed for delivery which is is a pretty good price.It was just the cartridge, but as I already have the case, it didn't matter.It's one of my favourite RPG games from my childhood, and its a game I go back to everytime.Here is a small paragraph of the plot (taken from Wiki) to give you an insight of the game:

"A huge earthquake, caused by a mysterious virus, has stricken the SunShine an DarkMoon districts, damaging the access points to the Digital World and causing many Digimon to mysteriously degenerate to Digi-Eggs.In Dawn, rumours have spread that the Night Crow Team, from DarkMoon City, was responsible for the incident.However, a conflicting report surfaces in Dusk claiming the responsibility falls on the Light Fang team from the SunShine district.With both sides accusing the other, players will take the role of an opposing tamer to investigate and uncover the truth behind the dangerous tremors"

If you enjoyed Digimon World 2 and 3, there are a few similarities here, being the main character of the game battling the bad guys, whist aiming to be the strongest tamer in Night Crow (Dusk) or Light Fang (Dawn).I also own Digimon Dawn too, and I preferred Dusk over it, purely because of the whole Dark theme to it and having SkullGreymon in the starter pack at the beginning (even though its short lived).Alongside having all these kinds of Digimon, you also have types, with 8 different types.
For example, SkullGreymon is part of the Dark Group, which makes sense because he (I refer to it as male)has that whole dark/evil vibe to him.Each type has a super effective/weak against, so having a balanced team will help when it comes to battles.Other Digimon types include: Holy, Dragon, Beast, Bird, Machine, Aquan, and InsectPlant.Saying that, my team is currently made off MetalGarurumon (Beast), LadyDevimon (Dark) SkullGreymon (Dark), MetalSeadramon (Aquan), Cresmon (Dark) and Wendigomon (Beast).Throughout digivolving, the Digimon's type may change, which at the moment I could be on a slight disadvantage as the majority of my team are made up of dark Digimon, but what can I say?I love being slightly evil.Nevertheless, Digimon Dusk is a pretty damn awesome game and is worth adding to your collection of Nintendo DS games.Can be purchased here: Dusk and Dawn

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