Wednesday 25 October 2017

L'Oréal Paris Merry Metals: Glow Drops Review

The new Merry Metals range by L'Oréal has just dropped and I couldn't help myself but to purchase something.We all know how poor I am (especially when it comes to makeup), so I wasn't able to get my hands on the entire range, but I still wanted to get my hands on one.Five products are part of this range which I've listed below for you, with them only being available to purchase as ASOS at the time of this post:

Merry Metals Glow Drops
Merry Metals Eyeshadow Paint
Merry Metals Super Liner Eyeliner
Merry Metals Lip Paint
Merry Metals Glow Kit

I decided to go with the glow drops, because I absolutely love highlighters and I love comparing it to other expensive brands as well.A lot of brands recently have been coming out with these and I'm so glad that I waited for L'Oréal to release there own.No information about these are on the bottles, but this is what I was able to get from the ASOS website:

  • Glide on smoothly and blend seamlessly
  • Leave a high-shine glow
  • Liquid to powder formula 
  • Precision applicator for easy, one stroke application
  • Longwear formula that lasts throughout the day
The packaging is glass which I really love, as a lot of brands tend to go with plastic packaging.Some are ok, but others feel super cheap sometimes and having a glass one to me makes the quality so much better.The precision applicator is of course a dropper, which I was expecting as the formula is described as a liquid.
The formula is very watery, which I found quite strange as it loses its proper colour once I applied just one drop onto my face.I had to go in 2-3times of droplets until I actually got some colour out of it.The smell isn't really that pleasant either, which I was quite shocked about as normally L'Oréal produce some lovely scented products.This one smells a little bit chemically, and although it doesn't linger after applying, you can always smell it when you take the top off.

Not much information was provided when it came to blending it out, so for the first time I used my finger and the second I used a beauty blender.This was actually really hard to blend with both and actually dragged my foundation with it, leaving it streaky.To me its just too watery and its more of a shimmer, than an actual highlighter in my opinion.Its not that pigmented at all, which again I'm shocked about as L'Oréal usually deliver.It didn't set as a powder after leaving it on my face for 30minutes and even with applying a setting powder on top didn't really do anything.I didn't want to give up on this product just yet, so I decided to mix it in with a foundation to see how that works.It did work a little better at first, only slightly making it luminous, but it then began to break down my foundation,
I decided to do a swatch comparison to another highlighter that I own by L'Oréal, so you can see the different formulas.Both were applied with my finger with one swipe and without a base.Both were left on my arm for 45minutes, with the top formula starting to break down and the other completely set after a few minutes.The formula of the glow drops was still wet after an hour and in no way set as a "powder" as advertised.Out of the two, I would pick the Liquid Illuminator by far, purely because its:
  • Easy to blend
  • Can be used as a primer
  • Very Pigmented
  • Long lasting
  • Lovely scent
  • Cheaper than the glow drops (£6.99-£8.99)
This is the first negative review I've had to give this year on L'Oréal and I really hope they improve on this formula.I'm not going to allow one product to stop me from purchasing the rest of the range, but I'll be honest to say that I'm not as excited as before on trying the rest of them out.I would personally give this product a miss as I think its a waste of money, but of course its up to you whether you decide to pick one up or not.Let me know in the comments if you purchase anything from this range and what you think of it :)