Tuesday 1 August 2017

Herbal Essences: White Strawberry & Sweet Mint

Herbal Essences have always been a brand that I never really picked up when it came to shampoo's and conditioners, as I felt it wasn't for our hair types.I've had great experiences with their Bee Strong Hair Mask and Leave In Conditioner, but since them both being discontinued, I had no real reason to return.Whilst having my weekly browse on Superdrug, I noticed that Herbal Essences have come out with a whole new range, called Bio Renew.All of them are created with a blend of antioxidants, aloe and sea kelp, which are all good for keeping the hair healthy.It also doesn't contain any parabens, silicones, gluten or colurants either, which is great for my hair as these can sometimes dry my curls out.

I decided to go with the White Strawberry and Sweet Mint, for two reasons: 1. I'm obsessed with anything that is strawberry scented and 2. Its designed to clean the scalp and any product buildup, without removing your hairs natural oils in the process.I've provided the rest of the Bio Renew range below as guidance:

Argan Oil Of Morroco - Repair
Coconut Milk - Hydrate
Golden Moringa Oil - Smooth
White Strawberry & Sweet Mint - Clean
Cucumber & Green Tea - Shine
Rosemary & Herbs - Moisture
White Grapefruit & Mosa- Volume
I'm always someone that keeps up there hair routine, whether thats deep conditioning or wash day.I really wanted to put these products to the test, so during the week I skipped having a hair treatment and let my hair build up with product.I'll be completely honest, it was hard yet disgusting not washing my hair, because it began to look so yucky, I ended up putting it up in a bun to reduce the yuckyness.

Wash day FINALLY arrived, and I was so ready to wash my hair.Taking a "generous" amount (ha generous for curly hair), I applied it directly onto my scalp and hair that had the most buildup.It lathered up pretty quickly and smells absolutely incredible.Its scented more strawberry than mint, but doesn't smell like a knock off strawberry scent and isn't sickly at all.Washing it out of my hair was super easy and it was obvious all of the product buildup was being removed, because you could see it in the water as I was washing it out.Once the water ran clear and no more bubbles were being produced, I touched my hair and its felt amazingly soft.My scalp felt very clean, no longer having that yucky feeling and my curls were back to their happy selves.

Next was the conditioner which of course I was super excited to try out since I got really good results with the shampoo.Again taking a "generous" amount, I applied it all over my hair, making sure I got every strand covered, because who says you can't have too much conditioner?Taking a wide tooth comb, I began detangling my hair and it actually was a lot more easier with this conditioner, as it didn't matte my hair up like some conditioners do.The texture is more thick, being more like a cream and the scent is a lot more stronger compared to the shampoo.I personally don't find it overpowering at all, and although it still smells more of strawberry, you're more aware of the mint in the conditioner.Washing it out again was super easy, leaving my hair feeling a lot more moisturised, soft and surprisingly a little bit defined.As I always do after washing my hair, I follow it up with a curl cream to add that extra definition.

Below are pictures taken throughout the day to show the changes to my hair and you may notice the lipstick change too:
12:00pm: This is my hair still somewhat damp, but began to dry after 30minutes of being in the sun.I had a busy day planned ahead of me as well, testing out new makeup products and keeping myself busy, so it was interesting to see how long my curls stayed happy.
6:09pm: This is my hair approximately 6hours after the first picture, with it still being very defined and shiny.I wanted to capture it in natural lighting, just so you could see how shiny it looked.There was also minimal frizz, which was mainly caused by me constantly touching it (anxiety problems!).My hair is prone to shrinkage too (especially on wash day), however it wasn't as bad as it would normally get, and because my curls were happy, I was too.I didn't need to reapply with any curl cream as my curls were still hydrated and defined, and I didn't want to risk my hair feeling sticky with too much product either.
11:00pm: Last hair update of the day, 5hours since the last picture.I've spent most of the day rushing around, chasing my pets, testing new makeup, playing/raging at Crash Bandicoot and laying on my hair.I'm very shocked on how my curls are still so defined and feel incredibly soft.You can see on the left side of the picture, I have a little bit of frizz going on, which again is down to me constantly flipping it behind my ear and touching it.You can still smell a little bit of the strawberry, but its barely noticeable compared to what it was a few hours before.

These both retail at £5.99, but are often on sale for £2.98, which was the price that I paid for them.Would I pay full price?If I continuously get the same results like I did for the first time, then yes, because I've paid more for luxury brands that never achieved these results.You also get 400ml which is perfect for me shampoo wise, but if you have thick curly hair like mine, you need at least 750ml-1000ml worth of conditioner for us.I have nothing negative to say about these at all and I feel these will be a massive hit for those that have the same curl type.


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