Sunday 11 June 2017

Caseable Review: A Whole New Way To Protect Your Devices

I never leave the house without a case on my phones, because its not worth the risk of them breaking and I love styling them with my outfits.I was contacted by Caseable to choose two of there products of my choosing to review last month and to also give you my thoughts on the service that I received as well.I decided to choose a unicorn case for my iPhone, because back in April-May, everyone was going nuts going the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino.I also got to choose a laptop sleeve, so I ended up choosing the Black Swan design for my MacBook, as it was a design that was literally calling out to me.After Caseable contacting me in the first place, I spent approximately 2hours trying to choose what design I wanted, because they have so many unique designs to offer and the artists create amazing work.

To start off the review, I wanted to mention the delivery first.All of there products are handcrafted in Germany and it took only 10days for it to be delivered to the UK by DPD.I was sent a confirmation email, followed by an email that had my tracking information so I could keep an eye on my order.This might be a personal thing, but I always feel more comfortable when an order is coming via DPD, because their tracking is always accurate and I pretty much 100% trust them when it comes to delivering my parcels.

Its been nearly a month since I've received these cases, which has given me plenty of time to share my thoughts on them.I'm going to start on the Unicorn case first, because I have mixed feelings about this case.When it arrived, I was pretty impressed on how sturdy it is and how easy it was to snap onto my phone.Its made from recycled bottles which I think its pretty cool and its good for the environment.The case itself has provided amazing protection, like even though I've never dropped my iPhone (touch wood not to jinx it), my dog has picked it up a few times and no marks have been left on my phone.

Below I've provided an image of the case that was on the website and the case that I received:
I know that online pictures can look different, especially when it comes to lighting, but their is quite a difference when it comes to quality.My case wasn't as clear as advertised and it also seems blurry, especially the writing.Although its quite a nice case and I'm still somewhat happy with it, the quality isn't as near of what was advertised.I did send an email to the customer service team and explained this, but I haven't had a response from them yet and its been a month.As soon as I get an update, I'll let you know.I might be wrong and this case is meant to be like this, but the image on the website says different in my opinion.

Price: £19.90       Click me to purchase

The Black Swan Laptop Sleeve is the only one that I have and use for my MacBook.As a precaution, I already have a pink case on it, to protect it from getting any scratches on it from my cats (which has been pretty impressive so far!).I decided to choose this sleeve, because it stood out to me and I love Black Swan.I thought the swan thats in a shape of a rose was beautiful with the surrounding feathers around  the body.
The image quality is a lot better, even though the two products are very different,  this case is nicer in person compared to the image online.Its printed on both sides and my MacBook perfectly fits inside.Its fairly thick as well which I love, because I know it offers extra protection.With the random UK weather that we get, I took this case out on a sunny day for it to turn dark and rainy within 30minutes of being outside.This case got fairly soaked before I could get back indoors, however my MacBook was not damp at all, even on the other case that I have on top.Of course I had to leave the sleeve to dry on the radiator, because it would of eventually seeped through, but I was amazed on much on how it protected my device.

The sleeve itself is extremely soft, which makes it super comfortable to carry around.Its that soft, both of my cats (one in particular that is very picky on what surfaces to go on), have decided to either sit or lay on it.Its an absolute pain to get him off and if I do, he gets back onto it 5minutes after.Just look at that face, how can you chuck him off?
Price: £36.90       Click me to purchase

Despite having a little issue with the phone case, I'm pretty impressed with Caseable.I think its truly amazing on how may designs they have to offer, and if their is something that you can't find for yourself, you can create your own!If you're like me when it comes to looking for unique designs and love to accessorise your devices with your outfits, I highly recommend checking them out.If you have any questions regarding there products, please do not hesitate to contact me and I'll try my best to answer your questions. Thanks again to Caseable for sending me these to review :) 

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