Sunday 6 November 2016

L'Oréal Paris Elnett Satin: Extra Strong Curl Créme De Mousse

If you remember back in September this year, I went a bit crazy and purchased a lot of L'Oréal products.This product in particular has been advertised in the past month on TV and I thought now would be a good time to let you know my thoughts on it, since I've nearly been reviewing it for 2months.I've used L'Oréal hair products in the past, and with my hair type they can be hit and miss.This review in particular will be on the Extra Strong Hold Curl Créme De Mousse.

Firstly I'm going to start on the packaging itself, and like always L'Oréal really know how to make it look really pretty.Its just like the rest of the Elnett range thats a sturdy gold bottle with the little illustration on the front.It comes with a plastic nozzle at the top where the mousse comes out, which can be a little flimy at times, so you have to be careful on how much product you wish to distribute onto your hand/hair.

Before using this for the first time, I was under the impression that the product was in form of a "créme".The reason why I thought of this was because before I decided to go for either the normal or extra strong bottle, it states on the L'Oréal website, that its "The hold of a mousse, the care of a delicate cream"
After removing the security lock from the nozzle, I pressed down gently expecting a little amount of créme to come out, but to my surprise, its actually a mouuse.If I knew before purchasing that this product was going to be a mousse, I wouldn't of even got it.My hair tends to be really fussy when it comes to mousse type products, so I didn't have any high expectations for this product at all.Having it in my hand in the form of a mousse, it smelt exactly like the Elnett Hairspray, but not as strong which is a good thing for me, as the original hairspray would make me cough like crazy.I applied it to my freshly washed hair, focusing on the roots to tips, like the instructions suggested.I decided not to use a blow dryer for the last instruction because I wanted to see how well it worked on its own and I prefer to avoid using heat if possible.

This curl créme has a tremendous amount of hold and left my hair intact in a bun not for 1, not 2, but 4days!and that includes me sleeping on it as well.Frizz started to mainly show around day 3, that was mainly around the top of the bun, so because I was so impressed by it, I wanted to see what it was like with my hair down naturally.I wasn't expecting it to define my curls, because this isn't what this product is designed to do, so I applied some of my Aussie Leave In Insurance on wet hair and then applied a small amount of the mousse.My hair wasn't left stiff like I was expecting because of the hold it had when it was a bun.

This is what my hair looked like on day 3 since applying it, and you can only see minimal frizz on my 3c side and the curl that is sticking out from the back.Another positive is that it doesn't leave your hair sticky or crunchy, and if you do end up applying a little too much, just spray little bit of water onto the hair.The only negative I've found with this créme in the last two months, is that it does cause a little bit of shrinkage.My hair is actually past my elbow by looking at the picture above for reference and the picture at the end is day 2.

Out of all the products I've purchased and tried by L'Oréal, I have to say this is one of my favourites out of my collection and I'm really happy that it worked for my hair type.For reference, my hair is a mixture of 3a/3b/3c, and I decided to opt for the Extra Strong as I felt the other one just wouldn't be able to hold my hair well enough.They both retail for £5.99 and Superdrug regularly have a deal thats 2 for £9.Can also be purchased from Look Fantastic, Boots

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