Wednesday 16 November 2016

Lily England: Rose Gold Luxury Hair Brush Set

Christmas is only a month away and I'm still finding myself purchasing rose gold items.Just when I thought I had it under control, I came across the instagram and brand Lily England.There feed was full of beauty items and you guessed it...ROSE GOLD HEAVEN!I had two brushes that I was using already, which was the Denman brush and the SugarBearHair brush.I really didn't need any more hair brushes, and instead of getting just the one brush, I went ahead and purchased the set of three.I purchased this set from there Amazon store instead of there own website, as I've got Amazon Prime which includes free next day delivery.It arrived the very next day (two days ago from writing this post)

The packaging of the box is absolutely beautiful and thankfully there wasn't anything sealing it down, so the box didn't get ruined.Each brush had a bag that protected it from any damage and stopped anything from getting onto it.

(My first order of these brushes arrived damaged ONLY due to Amazon sending me a used/returned item, which wasn't Lily Englands fault, however Lily England contacted me directly to replace the damaged brushes.Amazing Customer Service!)

These hair brushes are so damn pretty and the quality of them all are incredible.Out of all of them, the paddle brush is my favourite, mainly because it detangles my hair very well without the snagging and I love the white against the rose gold.The handle is a favourite of mine too, because its really squidgy and is so comfortable to hold when detangling my hair.This works great for me, because my hair routines can take a while and its nice to not have my hand feeling stiff or achy during this.The bristles of the brush aren't harsh at all (even on dry hair), which I was worried about it being too harsh, but my hair works really well with them.
All of these brushes are marked for all hair types and in this case, I can only speak for it working on my thick curly hair.Normally I've found when hair brushes work great for my hair type, any hair that is looser or not as thick tends to work great for it too.Each brush is individually designed to help achieve a certain look for example, which I've mentioned below that is provided on the back of the Lily England box:

Barrel Brush:
  • Adds volume and boosts body
  • Helps smooth the hair as you style
  • Large vents improves airflow and reduces drying time
Paddle Brush:
  • Helps straighten and smooth hair
  • Cushioned pad reduces unwanted breakage
  • Flexible bristles detangle without pulling
Vent Brush
  • Helps straighten and smooth hair
  • Cushioned pad reduces unwanted breakage 
  • Flexible bristles detangle without pulling
I've tried all of these brushes and the only thing I cannot comment on at this stage, is how it works to straighten the hair.I'm not due to straighten my hair until mid December, so I'll come back at the end of this post to let you know how I got on.I normally struggle with barrel brushes, because the majority of them either cause my hair to break or causes a ton of frizz, but this one works great for me adding extra volume at the front of my hair.As I mentioned earlier on this post, the paddle brush is my favourite out of the three, because it detangles my hair so well without any snagging, and I'm able to get the desired style that I want.The colour of it is super pretty due to the white paddle contrasted against the rose gold and I love the bristles at the end that look like they've been dipped in rose gold.

I highly recommend these brushes, especially since they're professional salon quality and for £21.99 for the entire set, you are getting a great bargain.Lily England do a lot of rose gold items, and all of them would make a perfect gift for someone or to treat yourself.You can purchase directly through there website or on Amazon


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