Monday 26 September 2016

My love for Chi Chi London, featuring the Marny & Marley Dresses

I'm back with another experience on Chi Chi London, and this time its on two dresses.As always with my blog posts, I'm not paid or sponsored for my work.Chi Chi London were very kind enough to send me two dresses, in exchange for an honest review and a prom look.I want to mention before I go into this review, is that I was originally sent the wrong dress by Chi Chi London at first, however there customer service was outstanding and it got resolved very quickly too.This will also be mainly focused on what items you can style with these dresses, opposed to the prom look that was originally planned, as the prom season has passed now.
I wanted to go for something again out of my comfort zone, like the Leia dress that I ended up completely loving.At first glance at the Marny dress in person, it was undeniably pretty but I wasn't sure if it would look right on me.Its quite a tight fitted dress around the boobs area, having padding already for comfort and to stop any see-through worries, so wearing a bra for my E sized boobs was not needed.After zipping up the dress and looking in the mirror, I was completely in love with this dress.It reminded me a little bit of Cinderella's dress worn by Lily James, but with the extra white details along the front.I'm wearing a size 12, which is always the size I go for with Chi Chi London dresses and is a size up from my normal size 10 frame.This is just to make sure that the dress fits me perfectly and has enough boob room as well.Marny is currently on sale for £22.99 from £64.99, in sizes 6-16.They also have the "Curve" option for this dress, that is still retailed at £64.99, availible in sizes 18-26.I would still 100% pay full price for this dress, as it looks more expensive than what they charge, its beautiful and the details are absolutely stunning.I paired this dress with some white lace shoes to match it.
I'm so excited to talk about this Marley dress, because firstly....ITS MY FAVOURITE COLOUR! and secondly, I love the style of it.I originally fell in love with the Jade dress, but it was constantly out of stock, and I was on a mission to get a dress very similar to it.I ordered this dress in size 12, just to be on the safe side, especially when it came to having room in the chest area.After taking it out of the packaging, I was instantly in love with it and prayed so hard that it would fit me.First time using it, it was slightly tight around the chest area, however it has seemed to stretch a little so doesn't feel like I was no longer gasping for air in it.I decided to wear it for an event on the 23rd, which was two days before my birthday at the time, and I've never felt so comfortable wearing a dress that was like "made" for me, because it is 100% my dream dress.I paired it with some heels that cost me £13.50 from ASOS, that matched it very well and are also very comfortable too.As for jewellery, I wore a silver diamond ring that I got as a early birthday present, and kept it simple like that, as I didn't want to go over the top.
As for my hair, I decided to go with two options with one being a old fashioned bun and the other having my hair down naturally.The old fashioned styled bun was actually by accident, because while taking photos, I didn't realise that my bun had fallen forwards so it kind of ended up looking like a fringe.It could of gone better when it comes to styling it in this style for sure, but its not a bad look for it being done by accident.Out of the two styles, having my hair down naturally was my favourite, because taking my hair out of the bun provided that little bit extra volume and definition to my curls.The two shots provided below also show what the dress looks like in direct sunlight and just natural lighting as well, no retouching.

This has been a wonderful experience with Chi Chi London again and I'm absolutely thrilled with both of these dresses.They have a beautiful selection of dresses to suit everyone and I honestly cannot recommend them enough when it comes to fast service and beautiful designed dresses.Let me know if you want me to review any particular dress from Chi Chi London below in the comments or via my instagram post on Chi Chi London :) 

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