Thursday 6 October 2016

Autumn/Fall Fashion- October 2016

Autumn/Fall is finally here in the UK!I couldn't help but also refer it to "fall", because I just love that term and I've just began binge watching Gossip Girl on Netflix again.I'm normally not a huge fan when it comes to freezing temperatures, mainly because I'm cold already and will find any excuse to stay indoors.This doesn't stop me from trying to dress nicely though, with it being my own style and feeling 100% comfortable in it.If you live in the UK, you know our weather is never able to make its mind up, switching between the lovely warm sun to then getting dark, windy and being absolutely cold.The image above is a outfit that I went out in today, that can be matched with a big warm coat or black leather jacket to go with the bag.All of the items mentioned in the post are things that I've found in-store or online, that I've purchased with my own money.I don't consider myself someone that knows a lot about style, this is just my own style to maybe give you some ideas (if you like them that is).I've also provided the sizes that I ordered for each item to help as a guide too.

Knitted Cropped Jumper: Boohoo - Price: £8 - Size: M/L
Gladiator Shorts: Aliexpress - Price: £6 - Size: L
Bag: New Look - Price: £10 
Metal Detail Point Heels: Asos/New Look - Price: £13.50 (Reduced from £22.99) - Size: 7
I came up with this one this morning, as I ordered this hoodie originally to just wear around the house.It pretty much works with anything, but I feel it would be perfect for those going back to school, who may either wear this hoodie on there lunch break or to/from school.For only £7, its extremely warm and snug.It comes with a hood as well to stop your face getting cold, and with the amount of hair that I have, I was surprised that it all fits.I recommend going a size up from what you usually are, due to the fitting being tight to give that snug affect.The hoodie is also available in black and grey.

Burgundy Chic Hoodie: Asos Marketplace - Price: £7 (Reduced from £10) - Size: M/L
Gladiator Shorts: Aliexpress - Price: £6 - Size: L
Buckle Wide Fit Ankle Boots: New Look - £15 (Reduced from £29.99) - Size: 5
This is probably more suitable around the beginning of Autumn/Fall before the weather gets extremely cold, or you're in a vehicle most of the time.It can be paired with some tights if your not comfortable showing your legs, but to me it kind of looked silly with the knee high boots.For the jacket, I paired it with a stone leather jacket that I got from H&M's Divided range for £12 or a rose gold jacket for £35 that is currently in fashion at the moment.The thigh split dress I got a size up from what I normally am, due to it being a very tight fitted dress that holds onto every curve and bump.As I mentioned on my Instagram where I originally posted this image, I'm usually not a fan of knee boots at all, but I remember seeing these online and I fell in love with them instantly.These are extremely comfortable and have easily become my favourite boots to wear.

Thigh Split Dress: Pretty Little Thing - Price: £8 - Size: 12
Kick It Off Over The Knee Boots: Asos - Price: £33 (Reduced from £55!) Size: 7
This is my favourite outfit, with the first one being a close second and if its not obvious already, I love matching everything with those gladiator shorts.I'm a huge fan of anything floral and I've been wearing this jumper all throughout summer, so couldn't resist adding it to my autumn/fall wardrobe too.The 3D flowers are detailed beautifully, and you have a choice of getting this jumper in 4 colours.I mainly wear this outfit when the weather is more warm, but it can be paired with tights and flats if you're not feeling the whole knee boots style.I'm also excited to show you the little rose keyring that is called "Shanise", that is named after me by Superpeach.This colour is currently out of stock, however it is available in pink and white, along with other beautiful keyrings that you can match with your own handbag.

Pink/Nude 3D Floral Jumper: Aliexpress - Price: £14 - Size: L
Gladiator Shorts: Aliexpress - Price: £6 - Size: L
Stone Bag: Asos - Price: £14 (Reduced from £28)
Shanise Keyring: Superpeach - Price: £8
Kick It Off Over The Knee Boots: Asos - Price: £33 (Reduced from £55!) Size: 7

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  1. I love the fall! I appreciate your view of fashion, I think you have lovely style. Although this fashion is obviously not applicable to me as a man, I enjoyed the way you put this review together. It’s very thorough and you’re a gem for linking to each item individually, nicely done. I like the first and last looks the most on this page too, though I think I’d lean slightly towards the first look being my favorite of the page. Just my thoughts.