Wednesday 10 August 2016

Bounce Curl is back & New formula review

After waiting 5months for my favourite curl gel to come back in stock, it finally arrived in the post this morning.Myself and my hair have missed this so much, its so nice to be reunited.Back in March this year I came across Bounce Curl on Instagram, and after doing some thorough research on the brand, I decided to give it a go.My first experience with using there gel was fantastic (old formula review here), so I knew I had to get my hands on another bottle.Unfortunately I left it too long and they ended up selling out entirely, however the wait was 100% worth it.
The creator of Bounce Curl (Mismmo) has since then been working her butt off on finding a balance of achieving moisture and hold for all curl textures.The first formula worked great for me and my curls, but guess what?SHE HAS DONE IT!Although I was in love with the first formula, it had more of a gel texture, which sometimes could leave my hair a little bit sticky depending on its mood that day (like shrinkage for example).This new formula is more of a mixture of gel and cream, making it a lot more easier to apply to the hair, followed by the scrunching method without the sticky and crispness feeling.It does work great on its own and I do this on days where I like a little definition and moisture.Bounce Curl has recommendations on how to use this product, depending on how thin or thick your hair is, which in my case, I use the method for my thick hair.I've found the Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave In works great with this, and I have only purchased it recently to try it on its own.
Its great to see that Bounce Curl is still free of parabens, sulfates, and silicones, which my curls absolutely love as there is zero build up.Jojoba Oil and Nigella Sativa (black seed oil) have been added as well, which are both great for promoting hair growth, reducing hair loss, improving moisture and overall keeping your hair in good condition.

Another positive thing that Bounce Curl have added is bigger bottles.The original 8oz (238ml) that I have, lasted me a good 5months but thats by reserving it because I didn't want to run out.With the bigger 12oz (358ml), I feel like its going to last me at least 7-9months that I'm 100% ok with.The only negative I have, is the price of the shipping.I've provided the pricing of dollars converted to British pounds below.(Please note prices shown are at the time of this post as guidance)

Bounce Curl 8oz $17.99/£13.83 with standard shipping $23.66/£18.19  Total £32.02
Bounce Curl 12oz £24.99/£19.22 with standard shipping $23.66/£18.19 Total £37.41

I also had to pay custom fees which was £11.98, which I know is out of Bounce Curls hands, but I was very confused about this as UPS decided to hand the parcel over to Royal Mail as they couldn't deliver it themselves with no reason given.Again this is no fault to Bounce Curl, but its just a heads up just in case that you may have to pay for custom fees.Other than that, I'm very happy with the new formula of Bounce Curl and I highly recommend it for all curl types.Check out my Instagram for more Bounce Curl and other curly hair updates too :)

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