Saturday 26 March 2016

Rose Gold MacBook Pro

Its been exactly 28days since I purchased my first Mac, and in such a small period of time it really has benefited me a lot.The main reason for me purchasing it (some of you may know already )was to help further my career as a blogger, making it easier to travel around with, to blog and most importantly, be able to keep in contact with you guys via social media and email.I decided to purchase the MacBook Pro Retina Display (13.3) with an extra guarantee of 3years for free, just in case anything were to go wrong.During the past 4weeks, I've had two near misses of dropping it as I'm quite clumsy and my cat Tobi has decided its something he could rest his bum on with the occasional "oooo its a scratch mat" motion.This worried me of course because I didn't want to get any scratches on it, especially since I just paid £999 for it and I like keeping my technology mark free.I originally searched for a clear case, because I was happy with it being silver, but after looking online for one it made the decision more difficult.I was looking for 3main things when it came to deciding on what case I wanted: Colour, Price & Quality.After having a browse on eBay, I finally found one that ticked all of those boxes.

This case cost me only £11.59 which also included a free keyboard skin, which is useful if your prone to getting it dirty (like me with food).The case is made of polycarbonate plastic, and is very easy to just click into place without any faffing around.The camera didn't pick it up very well, but it has a slight glittery sheen to it, very similar to the iPhone 6S in rose gold.Underneath its very sturdy, and holds the MacBook up very well, however as you can probably see in the image, the rose gold is coming off on the rubber stands, but thats likely to happen if you travel around with it a lot and placing it down on all different types of surfaces.
None of the ports are protected by this case, which is fine for me because I was only looking for protection on the front to stop it from getting scratched by Tobi.Overall I think its a great bargain and having it delivered in 2working days is a plus too.They have a whole range of colours and designs for other MacBook's as well, just make sure you order the correct size.Purchase here

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