Monday 21 March 2016

Chi Chi London- Veronika Dress

I'm super fussy when it comes to dresses and hardly ever associate myself with them unless they have a unique style that I like and isn't too expensive.I've been eying Chi Chi London for a very long time, not being able to settle with just the one dress because they are all beautiful and unique in there own way.I was very lucky to of been sent this Veronika Dress from them, which I fell in love with instantly when looking on there website.When it arrived with the lovely Chi Chi London packaging(which is cute by the way), I was gobsmacked on how beautiful and elegant it was in person and could not wait to try it on.Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I'm super fussy, and I'm really fussy when it comes to the colour of the dress too.Out of all the dresses I have ever owned or tried on in the changing room, it has never been the colour gold.This isn't because I dislike the colour, I just never seemed to find a gold dress that I liked especially (in my opinion) didn't look right either, until now.The gold detail of this dress is absolutely stunning, and you can tell that a lot of thought and care has gone into this dress because of it.I'm loving how the pattern is laid out, with it starting off as a floral pattern at the bottom, making its way up the dress with it not being too much or too little.
The pattern is detailed right up to the shoulder arm bands, and I've never seen anything so pretty.With the dress being off the shoulder, I was fairly worried about how I would feel, because I haven't got the smallest boobs in the world and it can be quite painful not wearing a bra, especially for a long period of time.Luckily, this dress has supported padding to support your boobs and will also cover anything if you are worried about it being see through.The padding is extremely supportive and soft, just like the rest of the dress making it very comfortable to wear.The mesh underskirt helps with the worry of it not being see through with a flash camera too.

This dress is priced at £66.99 which is a remarkable price, considering all the positives that I've mentioned above and also how stunningly beautiful it is too.It gives off that "Princess Dress" vibe to it, and I could happily walk around wearing it all day feeling like a princess(which is very rare for me).The sizing of the dress is pretty accurate (I'm wearing a size 10), and holds my DD-E boobs in fine, not making them too squished or uncomfortable.Its fairly tight around my waist (27inches), but thats the way I like it, fitting to my body shape.I've found zero flaws with this dress, and cannot wait to wear it for my next event.They also have this dress available in the colour blue too which I've provided for you below.Again, I'd like to thank Chi Chi London for this dress and I highly recommend them for anyone looking for beautiful dresses for such a great price.

Chi Chi London
Veronika Dress
Xandra Dress

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