Saturday 13 February 2016

My Favourite Simple Skyrim Mods

Since Fallout 4 was released, I've been hooked on that game more than crack, like I literally would always find myself going back to it despite getting sick of Preston preaching about a settlement needing help.With it being valentines weekend, and not doing anything special, I thought I'd whip out my old trusty laptop and get back into some Skyrim.Now I'm not going to go all "PC is superior" on you, because I have had my fair share of Skyrim on the console, however in comparison to the PC version?PC wins hands down for me.This is mainly due because of the mods, where you have more options to customise your character, added clothes/armour, more textures, weapons etc you get the idea.Originally it was just about being able to customise my character to look like me, but then I took it a step too far and basically went for the "this is what I want to look like" character.I regularly share images of this game on my Instagram/Facebook, and get asked what mod is that and where to download it.I thought the best thing would be to do showcase of images with the mods and links on here, because it would just drive people nuts if I do each post seperately, plus the amount of time it would take too!*Please note I use Steam,Nexus Mods and SKSE.1 or more of these will be required for the mod to work correctly*
Remember when The Avengers came out in cinemas a few years back?During that time everyone was going nuts on the Steam Community making Ironman armour and Thors hammer, but I was sitting patiently for someone to make Loki as a follower.Amazing creator JP Doctor on Steam, achieved this, and it has been one of my top favourite mods because I've never once had an issue.Loki makes an exceptional follower, being very useful in sticky situations and also not getting in the way when your trying to take on a group of bandits.He comes with his helmet and electrical scepter than he uses during combat that can do quite a bit of damage.This mod doesn't need any required DLC for it to work which is a bonus.JP Doctor also has some other great followers too, check them out

The first image face structure wise and the second with the short top, gloves and shorts comes the mod "Temptress Race" by Psychos1s and Brokefoot on nexusmods.This was my first ever mod that I downloaded and started my addiction in downloading more.It gives you the option of having it as a player character or as a follower, and there are 5 to choose from.Your also given some quite seductive clothing, with goes well with the "seductive" traits this race has.For this mod to work correctly, you will need to download this hair mod by Apachii first, then you can continue to download Temptress Race.I chose to have hair hair option for my character, as long hair can interfere with collared dresses.To improve the face and make it more realistic, I recommend downloading "Luscious Faces" by Dretmo on Steam
Next up is this beautiful ice jewelled dress by Frigus on nexusmods.This was the second mod I installed alongside with the bodyslider, because I found the preset clothes on this game awful.This dress is fairly tight hugging, making my characters boobs bigger than they are, but it compliments everything else.The detail of the studs lining up to the collar at the back of the neck is beautiful, and it has a long split ice blue cape down the back (image at the end of this post)Its one of my favourite dresses for my character and the blue looks even better at the College of Winterhold.The only issue with this mod is wearing a necklace which may peep through clothing, and the collar will point through if your character has long hair.The red elven dress is a recent download by Naihaan on nexusmods and can be downloaded here

I'm sure its been pretty obvious for a while now, and if a game is open to mods, its going to be in the top things I search for: DOCTOR WHO!This is probably the worst photo I have of my character and the Tardis, purely because the decent ones had the stupid bar in the way and I had to crop it out everytime.This is the best Tardis mod I've come across, with the landing sound, full interactive Tardis, sonic screwdriver and being able to fly it to locations.It doesn't look like the latest Tardis here, however I have just learnt that the creator (ShatteredStell) on nexusmods, has updated it to the latest layout, so Id recommend for you to download it here.SKSE,Dawnguard and Dragonborn are required for the latest version to run correctly.
I tend to wonder around naked a lot, especially in the hot springs or around the house when no one is about, and the preset bodies are disastrous.I looked about online to find a body slider, with the majority being pre-set to either ginormous boobs(and I mean ginormous), or a Kim Kardashian ass which is way to much fakeness.I came across "Beautiful Bodies Edition" by Caliente on nexusmods, and it gives you a selection of more natural looking preset bodies.As seen from the back in this image, my character now has a very perky bum and her figure is hourglass with reasonable sized boobs.These can be altered to what you'd like, but this setting "Vanilla" is a pretty good natural body preset.
I was pretty late to jump on the Halo Bandwagon, but as soon as I did, I haven't got off since, and at some point my brain decided to look for Master Chief as a follower.Now before all you Cortana and Master Chief shippers get on my ass, I ship them too and I've only got him in my game because he knows how to get the job done and he's a good ally.Also Cortana makes a feature so there would be no way of getting in between these two.The mod was created by JP Doctor and DarkSeeker117, and the two voice actors, in my opinion that done a pretty damn good job are DawnEntirely and Karl Williams.It is available on steam here

That's it for now on my favourite mods, even though I have many more and there's better, it would just be a very long post.If your undecided on what platform to download mods from, I would always go for nexusmods, purely because the creators update more often, are easier to contact to report an issue, and the installation doesn't mess about compared to steam and SKSE but thats just down to experience.

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