Sunday 31 January 2016

Mirina Collections Scam: PLEASE READ!

If you've received a message, comment on your post or email from Mirina Collections, do not give them any money, please read this post first!This post is not in anyway to bash the company entirely, it is down due to experience and also other reports of this company too.
I came across there page on Instagram as it was recommended to me and I fell in love with there necklaces very quickly.They also had a lot of well known bloggers promoting there stuff too, and at the time they were also advertising for bloggers to become "mirinagirls".This interested me, so I sent over a DM asking for more information on this, getting a reply to send over my email and they'll send over the details.

I received one of those already made emails saying they saw my page etc which they didn't as I was the first to make contact with them and my account was private at the time.They provide two offers that are the: "Ambassador Program" & "1 Shoutout Option".Within both of these choices, they stated that you'll only be paying for the weight and shipping fee, which I thought was a great deal and decided to join there Ambassador Program.While also reading through there information, they also stated that there necklaces are "handmade", which I can confirm is a lie, that I'll go into more detail and proof with you later on in the post.After confirming which necklace I'd like (ryan), I then got an email with my discount code and it was only valid for 48hours.

I was confused on the valid 48hour thing, because there was no warning that it needed to be purchased that fast, but luckily I had some funds in my account.Applying the discount code that was supposedly meant to calculate payment just for the weight and shipping, it came at a total of around £45 (exchange rate) at the time.This put me right off as it seemed way too much just for this, so I just left it for the time being.Since then it has been 25days since I've had contact with Mirina Collections, and I've had comments left by there team saying to become an ambassador even though I sent an email declining anymore further contact.I have then done some more research on there business and again tried there "48hour" code, to find that it still works and has not expired at all.There were a lot of comments of how these necklaces were on Amazon and originally are made in China so using my favourite website where most products are shipped from China (Aliexpress), I found one of the necklaces (Andy) that Mirina Collections are selling for $39-49 (£27-37) plus the $15 (£10) shipping fee, for nearly a total of £37-£47, with the Aliexpress selling them for...
£4.41!And that includes free shipping, so with them saying its all "handmade" is clearly a huge fat lie.There are also the other necklaces under that seller who is selling all the exact same design, with more colours or can be customised for a little extra, for the same cheap price.The quality and feedback is very positive, mostly commenting on how pretty it is and the delivery.
I've provided an image of the Andy necklace that is currently on there website before they remove it, as the ryan necklace as mysteriously vanished from there website, not even showing that its an out of stock item either.Comparing the two, you can see they are exactly the same necklace, with different stone types added.I have emailed Mirina Collections again, stating that I do not wish to work with them, at the time stating that although it maybe hearsay and rumours, I did not want to associate myself with a company that scams people.No email has been sent back explaining themselves to put those "doubts" at rest, I guess they are guilty as they come.That is my personal experience I've had with this company, but others have had far worse issues than I have.Some have paid for the necklaces even more than the £40, and haven't receieved the necklaces at all, being fobbed off or no response from them.Some people are not getting promoted or tagged as mentioned in the terms, and others are completely oblivious that they are promoting a scammed company to there followers.If you know someone who has been contacted by this company, please share this post with them!
UPDATE 3/03/2016- Click here for the latest update for this post

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